CELCO Constanta is the most recent client of SIVECO Romania | SIVECO Romania

CELCO Constanta is the most recent client of SIVECO Romania

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Bucharest, June 22, 2005 –  SIVECO Romania and CELCO Constanta, a construction company, recently signed a contract for implementing maintenance solutions, for equipment administration.

CELCO Constanta produces and distributes construction materials and adhesives.

„After 30 years of activity, we have developed key competencies in the construction materials domain, and we place among the first companies regarding economic-financial results, the production level, technology and quality of our products.  All these drove us to finding the best information system in Romania for our equipment management. The successful implementation projects for this system and the fact that it is No. 1 on the Romania EAS market (according to IDC studies), convinced us to take this decision. I hope the acquisition of this system is the first step of a fruitful collaboration, which will extend to other components”, said Mr. Niculae Duşu, President of the Board of Directors.

The Maintenance Management Component is one of the most important components of SIVECO Application integrated package, with a large number of implementations. This application manages the technical, financial management and use of equipment; assigned human resources management; maintenance related spare parts, activities, contracts, budgets and costs management; maintains a history of the maintenance activities.

The Maintenance Management Component leads to benefits such as:

  • Reducing repairing costs as a consequence of proper scheduling and effective maintenance according to the programs and data defined by the system;
  • A better organization of maintenance and repairing activities, by defining the specific activities which have associated specific necessary resources;
  • Reducing the scheduled maintenance (repair) time by defining the procurement outfit and a just-in-time procurement (by the data defined in the system);
  • Reducing the number of recording the activities for documents and data related to material inventory, raw materials and spare parts;
  • Calculating the financial resources used for repairing different types of equipments and using this information for future procurement – related decisions;
  • Just-in-time support; optimum time for maintenance activities;
  • Reducing the number of accidental damages.

Over 70% of the SIVECO Romania’s clients use the Maintenance Management Component, counting in ALRO Slatina SA, URSUS Brewery, AEROSTAR Bacau, Constanta Harbor Administration, Petrom, Libertatea Cluj-Napoca.

“CELCO’s selection honors our company. We have the certainty the project team will confirma our client’s expectations”, said Irina Socol, general manager SIVECO Romania.