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The Chance to Become a Champion

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bucharest, 18th May - The contest’ conditions and program offered the participants the chance to know each other better and to spend great moments without thinking that they are competitors.

A real training opportunity for the Romanian Olympics, The Chance to Become a Champion contest registered another record.

This year the competition offered an important training support for The Computer Science National Team members.

Another remarkable aspect is the wish of the children that don’t have the age required by the contest’ organizers to compete for the Champion title. They were accepted and the “Youngest Champion” title was gained by Cezar Mocan, student in the 5th grade.

The Chance to Become a Champion 2006 was the first international

edition of this contest. Youngsters from Bulgaria, The Republic of Moldavia, Albania, Canada, Vietnam, USA and Nigeria joined the Romanian participants in this important challenge.

The participants effort was exceptional and I congratulate the finalists for their great results, but we don’t have to forget to thank all the participants that were involved in this computer science training program. We hope that we have brought our contribution to their success at the national and international contest they will participate will participate further on”, declares Ema Cerchez, the contest coordinator.

At the 2006 edition participated over 1000 students.

754 pupils sent solutions at Small group (9th grade or primary school students). 674 sent solutions at Medium (10th grade), and 701 pupils at large group (11th and 12th grade).

In the large group, the first prize went to Adrian Paul Diaconu (Tudor Vianu Computer Science National College, Bucharest), while the first prizes at medium and large groups went to Alexandru Marinescu (I. Minulescu National College, Olt) and Andrei Frimu , i.e. Dan Sanduleac(I.L. Caragiale National College from Ploiesti) and Vlad Duţă, student at Mircea cel Bătrân National College from Râmnicu Vâlcea.

 The organizers’ effort to offer the best contest conditions was sustained by the involvement of important representatives of Romanian School, teachers and ex-Olympics.