City Hall in Kishinev uses the IT solution of documents management system - SIVADOC | SIVECO Romania

City Hall in Kishinev uses the IT solution of documents management system - SIVADOC

Monday, March 21, 2011

The SIVADOC solution developed by SIVECO Romania will be implemented within all sub-divisions of the Municipal Board of Kishinev and will introduce IT into the flows between the Prime Minister Chancellery and ministries

Bucharest, 21th of March 2011 - The Kishinev city hall and the district city halls have moved to the system of documents and workflows electronic management, a system provided by SIVECO Romania.

The project has been carried out in collaboration with UNDP -Moldova, with financial assistance from the Romanian Government and the Soros Foundation - Moldova. The system for documents and workflows electronic management SIVADOC will ensure the creation of a IT system unique within the Kishinev Municipality City Hall and district city halls, implementation of international quality management standards (ISO 9001), electronic monitoring of the manner of letters examining, but also of the terms of execution of provisions and decisions issued by the general mayor and the Municipal Council of Kishinev.

All the registries for documents circulation within the Kishinev Municipality City Hall will be transferred in electronic format and will be integrated with the Kishinev Municipality City Hall. This way, the citizens and economic agents will be able to learn online the status of their requests submitted at the City Hall, based on the registration number.

Nominated and awarded as winners in national and international specialty competitions SIVADOC product is enjoying recognition both from the IT specialists, and also from the end - users, successfully competing with international solutions in its category.

Within the event organized on the occasion of project launch at the Kishinev City Hall, Dorin Chirtoacă, the municipality mayor, has said that until June 1st, 2011 the plan for SIVADOC extension will be detailed within all the sub-divisions of the Kishinev Municipal Council (units, departments and institutions subordinated to the council). The Government Chancellery intends to use SIVADOC for introducing IT to the flows between institutions and ministries.