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Cloud computing: advantages for document management

Monday, August 11, 2014

SIVADOC Project:Cloud is the perfect solution for effective management of documents - no hardware or infrastructure costs for software licenses

SIVADOC Project: Cloud is the latest cloud solution developed by the leading Romanian software house, SIVECO Romania. The main advantage of SIVADOC Project: Cloud consists of storing documents in the cloud service provider's server as opposed to locally on company computers, giving users access to important documents anytime, anywhere. Document management and workflow is a complex process, therefore companies need IT support, such as SIVADOC Project: Cloud, for fast and secure access to updated information.

The most important benefit of the solution in cloud is probably "0" investment in hardware infrastructure and software licenses. Add to this the cost reduction for the IT specialists in charge of the installation, support and maintenance of the systems. All these become the responsibility of the cloud provider, which significantly reduces operational costs. SIVADOC Project: Cloud increases efficiency across the organization and provides tools for scanning, storing, advanced search and sharing important documents.

The Cloud solution operates the same as a local solution. Thus, each document is versioned and sent on approval flow, which allows a better control of the documents. In addition, the solution facilitates internal and external communication and ensures the sharing of information. Access rights are limited by user role, which increases security.

Due to high competition in today's business environment, companies orient their business strategies to establish a long term relationship with customers. In many cases, managers or other employees who go to meetings with clients or work directly with them, need access to critical documents in order to respond promptly to requests from clients. With SIVADOC Project: Cloud this problem disappears. In addition, it increases the efficiency and mobility of employees.

"SIVADOC Project: Cloud is the perfect solution for Romanian companies who look for efficient management of documents without additional cost for hardware and software licenses. Cloud computing provides access to each user by role, anywhere and on any mobile device. SIVADOC Project: Cloud is the way forward to maximize efficiency and productivity", said Mihai Ionel, Head Customized Applications & SIVADOC.

SIVADOC Solution Project: Cloud integrates seamlessly with ERP solutions such as SIVECO Applications 2020 or any other resource management system of an organization, providing flexibility and configurability to meet any business vertical.