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Strong scientific events create and promote values

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
National Virtual Education Conference and the International Virtual Education Conference are traditionally supported by SIVECO Romania

The National Virtual Education Conference (CNIV) and the International Virtual Education Conference (ICVL), scientific events enjoying, for many years now, the constant support of SIVECO Romania, bring together every year teachers from the higher education and pre-university education as well as pupils and students, education and IT specialists. The events were held simultaneously at the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences within the Bucharest University, targeting digital training in the academic field. They are raising attention of the education specialists for over a decade. The National Conference includes, by tradition, the much expected competition “Educational Software”, whose laureates are announced after the conference close.

The awards of the CNIV XI edition were granted to a number of 8 papers out of the 57 papers submitted within the conference and published at the Publishing House of Bucharest University, as a result of the scores sent by the CNIV evaluators for the “Educational Software” competition.

“Through complex and various activities within the CNIV educational project, by going through stages, teamwork and through collaborative activities, were conceived and elaborated e-Learning and Educational Software products embedding both the experience of Informatics and IT specialists, and especially teaching and pedagogical scenarios dedicated to the learning process, extremely useful to pupils and students alike”, has declared Univ. Lecturer Marin Vlada Ph.D., coordinator of CNIV and ICVL projects, at the Bucharest University.

The consistent, motivating awards have been offered by SIVECO Romania for 11 years now.

The Excellence Prize consists in participation of the awarded author in an international e-Learning event (EDUCA Berlin or BETT London), while the Prize for creativity is a Laptop or PC Tablet, offered by the same company.

“The CNIV 2013 edition is a special one, as in time, in this conference were presented for the first time two Romanian projects which are considered today among the best in the world. The project embedding multi-touch like technology is IPMA Gold Winner and eLearning Awards Silver in 2013, and the Project dedicated to children with special needs – become World Summit Award Winner. I express once more my honour and pride that Romanian expertise and creativity in the field of IT, education and research has received well deserved recognition at international level, while most of the teachers who worked at these projects were constantly attending CNIV and ICVL. Therefore, this conference has also the attribute of creating value”, declared Prof. Radu Jugureanu, eContent Manager at SIVECO Romania.

This year’s winners are:

1. Excellence Award “SIVECO Virtual Center for Excellence“ for „Participation of university teaching staff in lifelong professional training. A comparative study Romania-Spain” (Univ. Lecturer, Ph.D. Nicoleta Duţă, Bucharest University, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences).

2. Creativity Award “SIVECO“ for „Cross-disciplinary multi-touch application: Man, from Earth to the Sky. Educational game Little Prince in the Great Universe” (Team of pupils Multitouchcnme: Pop Alexandru, Şandor Robert, Csereoka Petra, Crişan Petrică, Kereji Alexandru, Mada Felix, Kiraly Alexandru, Danciu Claudiu, Haschi Vivien, Surducan Irina, Urda Sebastian, Orosz Denise, Burciu Răzvan,Tamas Kolcsey, coordinating Professor, Ph.D. applicant, Georgeta Cozma – National College "Mihai Eminescu", Satu Mare).

3. “SIVECO“ Popularity Prize for „Instances of cross-disciplinarity: literature and ITC” (Pupils: Dochiţoiu Alexandru, Turcu Nicuşor, Professor Chiribău-Albu Mihaela-Alina, Prof. Ursache Liliana, Eng. Macovei Florina - National College "Ferdinand I" Bacău).

4. “SIVECO“ Popularity Prize for Physics (Pupils: Laslo Marian, Axinte Vasilică, Spanci Andrada, Bara Valentin, Tămaş Florin, Professor Laslo Ion – Theoretical High School Carei).

5. “SIVECO“ Popularity Prize for „Developing the quality of teaching and learning Physics using the Moodle eLearning platform” (Prof., Ph.D. applicant, Oprea Marin, Univ. Lecturer, Ph.D., Miron Cristina - Bucharest University, Faculty of Physics).

6. “SIVECO“ Popularity Prize for „Cross-diciplinary emergence in the project "man from Earth to Earth to the Sky" (Professor, Ph.D. applicant, Georgeta Cozma – National College "Mihai Eminescu", Satu Mare).

7. “SIVECO“ Popularity Prize for „Interactive games, tests and mathematical lessons -” (Prof. Lukacs Tiberiu – Gymnasium School Sfânta Varvara Aninoasa, Prof. Lukacs Diana Elena - Technical College “Constantin Brâncuşi” Petrila).

8. “SIVECO“ Popularity Prize for „The impact and role of pre-university teaching units’ websites” (Prof., Ph.D., Roşioru Mădălin – "Dobrogea" College, Castelu, Constanţa, Prof. Roşioru Mirela - Gymnasium School no. 6 "Nicolae Titulescu", Constanţa).

This year, the CNIV diploma of excellence (a recognition prize) was granted to Romulus Maier (Agora Group,, for organizing the Open Source Programmatic Conference "20 years of Internet in Romania".

About CNIV and ICVL

CNIV and ICVL are scientific events promoting innovative technologies and methodologies in education, research and lifelong improvement, both in the pre-university and university milieu, and in the economic sector, too. Structured and organized by European principles and International standards, the two projects promote implementation of modern ideas in the initial education and continuous training, encourage and promote teamwork and collaborative activities, scientific methods and experiments, creative thinking and intuition, arguing, and proving.

VIII International Virtual Learning Conference and the XI National - Virtual Learning Conference took place in partnership with SIVECO Romania, Intel Company and the Center for development and innovation in education (TEHNE, eTwinning program).