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Collaboration between Economical Studies Academy and SIVECO Romania

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Bucharest, 12th of March, 2003 - The organization, by the Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics, in 2002-2003, of the e-Business master course, conforms to the general demands of alignment at the European Standards, at under-graduate level. 

The first master courses series had a remarkable participation, both from the numerical point of view and participants? professional structure. The 60 participants, selected after an entrance examination, are economists, programmers, consultants, who work both in public and private sectors, organizations which cover a wide range of activities (banks, ministries, public administration, IT, telecommunications, industry).  

The course structure, which is divided on three semesters, was oriented towards the participants? familiarization with elements related to electronic commerce, the systems of payment, information and telecommunication technologies, as well as towards the presentation of integrated systems for e-Business.

"Today we can notice the young people desire to extend their academic education, also by acquiring multiple specializations, in order to increase the employment possibilities in a market economy which is in continuous development. The e-Business master course represents a rapid and direct response of the economic academic education to the present requests, offering thus the young managers, designers analysts and programmers, the chance to be prepared to put into practice the new digital economy business models. The students who will graduate this course will have all the necessary skills for analyzing, designing and developing e-business applications; furthermore, they will contribute to the continuation and fulfillment of the computerization process started for the society benefit", declared Floarea Năstase, Prof.Ph.D. and Course Director. 

The course objectives are, on one hand, theoretical - as they offer the participants the basic elements necessary to the analysis, design and development of the electronic commerce applications and the necessary knowledge for the design, test and publication of Web documents and applications; on the other hand, they offer a practical approach to the real experiences, extremely useful in students? current activities. 

During the course final semester, the students took part in the course "E-business IntegratedCourse", taught by Dr. Răzvan Zota, professor at the Economics Informatics Department within Economical Studies Academy.

"My objective is to provide the students a general discussion frame on this subject, starting from the business perspective over the Internet-Intranet relation and from the requests of an e-business application, with references to the existent models", Zota says. "We also wanted the students to become familiarized with the general frame of an ERP system, with implementation strategies definition and features, as well as with the motivation to invest in such an information solution. A very important aspect we followed was to permanently offer the students examples and models in real life, a reason why we invited specialists from SIVECO Romania to sustain the seminars? practical part". 

This invitation was accepted with great interest by the team who develops, implements and commercializes SIVECO Applications; it was also SIVECO team who, during the opened lessons, described and demonstrated the facilities of different integrated package components, which cover the whole business area in a company: financial accounting, fixed non-tangible assets management, fixed means and inventory objects, budgets management, stocks, warehouses and purchase management, clients, tariffs, orders and supply management, contracts and commissions definition and follow-up, norms and parameters management, decision making and economic analyses. 

SIVECO Applications Integrated Package, which is now at its 10.2 version, is the result of a complete development and implementation effort of almost 40 specialists per year, for seven years. 

 The presentations during the seminars were held by experimented specialists within SIVECO Romania, their expertise being certified by the successful references following the implementations at the over 135 clients in Romania.

The appraisal questionnaires filled-in by the students at the end of the course, as well as the grades they obtained at the exams, prove, on one hand, their level of interest in the course, as well as the degree it corresponded to the students? expectancies from the content and organization point of view. Among the students who filled-in questionnaires, 67% proved to be very satisfied by the course, while 33% awarded it the maximum grade.

This year experience will be turned to good account by the master course responsibles, who will organize another course series during  2003-2004.

About SIVECO Applications

The package integration is given by the unitary development conception, by the client/server architecture, n-tier, by the Oracle development environment and database. The same graphic interface is displayed to the user, all components using the same Windows based standard. Data security is treated in a unitary way and  the user?s access rights are defined in detail.

Components development in the integrated package was achieved based on the users? requirements.

SIVECO Romania produces yearly at least a new version of all the components of the Integrated Package, being compatible with the previous versions. The release of new versions is imposed by the users? needs by modifications in legislation and by changes in the information technology environment. 

The Integrated Information System perfectly covers each company management problems from different fields of activity, avoiding redundant solutions.

More than 1000 clients are using SIVECO Application in the world. Among them, over 135 clients are using the SIVECO Applications package (or its modules) in Romania - among the clients in our country we can mention important companies such as RAAVJ, AEROSTAR, Constantza Sea Harbour Administration, SNP Petrom and its subsidiaries, subsidiaries of TERMOELECTRICA, Romanian Customs, The Ministry of Communication and Research and the list could continue.