The collaboration with Oracle represents for SIVECO România a strategic partnership, consolidated in successful projects | SIVECO Romania

The collaboration with Oracle represents for SIVECO România a strategic partnership, consolidated in successful projects

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Bucharest, 15th of September 2004 – Started since 1995, the collaboration between Oracle România and SIVECO România develops on many grounds: tehnically, comercialy and in marketing.

As part in the  Oracle Partner Network (OPN) programme, SIVECO România has, beaside Oracle technology competences, Oracle Applications products implementation capabilities, in the framework of a dedicated department. Throught this specialised department SIVECO România challeges itself to mix the capabilities of the product with with the Romanian market’s posibilities and specific requirements.

In the spirit of this successful partenship SIVECO România was involved in the Oracle România seminar organized at Crown Plaza Bucharest "Oracle solutions for the management and the control of complex projects". The benefits of using the "Oracle Enterprise Management" module of the Oracle E-Business Suite products package was presented in detail to the audience formed of design institutes, construction enterprises and car manufacturers. The advanced functionality of this IT ensures the efficient management of opportunities, the cost and data project control, the management of the contracts on projects; it also ensures the optimization of delivery and execution of the projects and the management of final and rollout operations.

With this occasion Mr. Petre Iordănescu, The Director of The Oracle Applications Department of SIVECO România presented the overall strategy of SIVECO România regarding the Oracle solutions implementation for the construction industry.

For this part of industry The Oracle Applications Department of SIVECO România offers severall preconfigurated types of packages: for construction entreprises, for the production on projects (e.g. Project Manufacturing), for maintenance, etc.

"We have as objective to address also to the medium size companies from this industry. We have in view to increase the value of the solutions at the client by reducing the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and by solving the critical business issues with standardized solution packages. Our strategy includes the development of the industry solutions portfolio and we permanently have in view to line up the work practices and the solutions with the international standards in the way that we are able to supply the beneficiary clients with all the necessary instruments for the integration in the European and international organizations." says Mr. Petre Iordănescu.

It was also presented the implementation methodology for the preconfigured solution packages that has at its basis a particular approach. This methodology is conceived in the way that it meets the requirement of the clients and assures the success of the implementation.

Mrs. Iulia Alecu, Operations Manager in The Oracle Applications Department of SIVECO România presented in detail the gained experience by the specialists of the department during the years of Oracle Applications solutions implementations.

During the presentation were clearly outlined not only the warranties offered by the specialists of this dedicated department, but also the unique advantages of implementing Oracle solution with them: having as background the various projects delivered to the clients and the preconfigured solution packages, the efficacy and the high speed, but also the low costs of the implementation are assured; in the same time, having a deep understanding the overall Romanian economical framework, SIVECO România is more flexible and adapts itself in concordance with the performance, strategy and  the structure of its clients.

"This seminar – that has as scope the "exploration" of a traditional market chanel for Oracle Corporation, but n relation with which we are just at the beginning in România – is a clear example of clear example of close collaboration policy of Oracle România with its partners. We are gla that we are today together with an local partner as important as SIVECO România. The fact that the colleages from the Oracle Applications Department, SIVECO România took part at this event demonstrates the successful collaboration of our companies and the aim of both parties to develop this partnership and to open new perspectives of this  collaboration." Declared Mr. Robert Komartin, Director of The E-Business Solutions Department, Oracle România.