The Commission for Information Technology and Communications within the Chamber of Deputies gives the endorsement for The Educational IT-Based Program(SEI) | SIVECO Romania

The Commission for Information Technology and Communications within the Chamber of Deputies gives the endorsement for The Educational IT-Based Program(SEI)

Wednesday, April 7, 2004

7th of April 2004, Bucharest - The computerization of Romanian School is a real necessity, determined by the natural penetration of the information technology in all economic fields, by the necessity to align to the economic and social requirements, and last but not least by the requirements implied by EU accession.

The recent debate of the Commission for IT&C within the Chamber of Deputies regarding the results and perspectives of the undergraduate learning computerization program started off by emphasizing the undeniable necessity to include information technology in the educational process.

The results of the action plan for eEurope 2002 at international level indicate a high use of information technology for educational purposes in UE countries. Thus, in 2002, in Western Europe 95% of the schools had computers and 72% of the professors used computers when teaching. In order to align Romanian school to European educational standards, the Romanian Government has initiated the most complex educational program ever carried out in our country: The Educational IT-Based System (SEI). By implementing this program the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research wanted to offer Romanian pupils equal chances with the children from all over the world.

As a result of this program, today, 1220 high schools have a computerized laboratory, designed for all subjects of study in the school curricula. In every laboratory there are 26 performant PCs integrated into a logical network (work stations and servers, prestigious brands like Compaq, HP, IBM, Fujitsu Siemens) installed together with basic software (Windows Operating System), office software (Microsoft Office), and antivirus programs, AEL platform developed by SIVECO Romania, offering educational, administrative and secretarial functions.

AEL contains 230 electronic lessons for mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, technology, geography, history and even literature, materials designed together with local producers, professors, pupils, pedagogues and designers.

In addition to current installation activities, the SEI project team trained and audited professors and system administrators, a very important element for the proper functioning of the system. Until now there have been trained according to high pedagogic standards over 14,000 professors and over 2,500 system administrators.

The experts of the Commission within the Chamber of Deputies appreciated the quality and effort made by SIVECO Romania, the company in charge of the software component, to standardize educational materials included in AEL as well as for complying to the standards and technology used in the field at the international level (SCORM, MathML, IMS, SVG, XML).

The taking over and the correct and complete implementation of international standards in educational field offer the guarantee for opening this project and, encourage the starting of multimedia lessons on local market. By meeting these standards SEI is a perfect example of rapid and efficient adapting to the European requirements of a pioneer program for Romania.

"The fact that the AEL platform meets the interoperability content packaging standards, such as SCORM and IMS is not very well known. It is optimum to have a single software platform in all schools in Romania. This situation does not lead to a monopoly regarding the elaboration of the lessons. That is why I recommend to SIVECO Romania to continue to convey information regarding employed standards to all econtent developers from Romania. I also propose to SIVECO to set up a technical certification system for the lessons integrated in AEL as unique technical influence for the econtent software designed by a third person. This means that SIVECO Romania takes responsibility for the technical quality of its software products and uncertified products can be included only if the other producers assume their responsibility. In this way we will stimulate the competition in econtent development field which is in Romanian school's benefit. I also suggest to SIVECO to elaborate a specialized programming language for the lessons' content offering. Such a language does not exist yet and I know that its specification is difficult, but I believe that SIVECO has enough experience to accomplish it and I believe that for Romania such a language could be a big advantage when competing with other European countries" declares at the end of the debate Mr. Varujan Pambuccian, the President of IT&C Commission within the Chamber of Deputies.

"SCORM and IMS' open standards, elaborated by independent international institutions are recognized as being the most advanced standards for econtent in the world. Also, the electronic lessons included in the school curicula decided by RMERY and pedagogical, scientific, informatics and economics quality standards applied by the approval commissions for econtent of RMERY together with ISE (The Institute of Science and Education)" declares Irina Socol, general manager of SIVECO Romania.