The community from Breasta is connected to the third millennium technology | SIVECO Romania

The community from Breasta is connected to the third millennium technology

Monday, July 10, 2006

Bucharest, 10 July 2006 - Let’s learn to learn” Project represents the efforts of SIVECO Romania and World Vision Romania, two organizations from different domains, but with common interests and vision – the access to technology is the right of all citizens and rural inhabitants must be offered the same chances to benefit from the most modern training methods.

Initiated in April 2006, the project ca be noted as a success, because it offered Breasta’s community  (public clerks, teachers, students, parents) the opportunity  to take advantage of the computer benefits and to prove the efficiency and performance that can be reached by using the IT laboratory delivered to the Breasta School  within The IT Based Romanian Educational System. On the other hand, the instructors had the satisfaction to discover an inner motivation to learn using interactive and innovative methods, such as AeL interactive lessons, an instrument that is transforming the didactic process in a veritable multimedia experience.

Apart from teachers and students’s training, the project also included the initiation of the community representatives in using IT in the all day activities.

The project received a substantial and constant support from the local community that considered all the activities important steps towards a modern didactic process and to a society based on information technology.

The action included the following stages:

- in April and May , after the demonstratives activities in which  were used AeL interactive lessons ( Mathematics – Breasta School, History – The Art High School “Marin Sorescu” Craiova), the teachers involved debated the importance and the benefits of using AeL elearning platform and the measure in which  this solution meets educational needs and its importance in the educational process. The conclusions were: the students are attracted by the new teaching method, they actively participate and understand in short time the transmitted notions.

- In June, within the school of Breasta was organized the second edition of “The Rural-Urban educational partnership, premise of European integration” symposium. The event reunited over 130 teachers from 40 schools ( Dolj, Olt, Bacau) and representatives of ISJ Dolj, ARACIP, Craiova University, Dolj District Council,  Breasta town hall and local council.

The symposium debates continued with three workshops within which were discussed 20 educational partnerships closed between rural and urban schools this year. The partnerships themes included: European integration of the Romanian Education, the preservation of customs and traditions, nature protection, the promotion of Human Rights, the importance of using the Computer in the teaching-learning process.

"This project comes to complete the community’s need to develop, motivating our students to learn and moulding their personality", declares Marin Marcu, Breasta Mayor.