At Compania de Bere România the proper management of equipments is provided with the help of Maintenance Management Component developed by SIVECO România | SIVECO Romania

At Compania de Bere România the proper management of equipments is provided with the help of Maintenance Management Component developed by SIVECO România

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

13th of July 2004, Bucharest - The equipment maintenance in a company is, like any other function of a modern company, an activity with its own objective rules. If these rules are constantly and coherently applied, they can contribute decisively to the improvement of the global company activity. The "equipment" concept corresponds to any fixed asset in the physical environment: machine, installation, building, pipe section etc.

"Maintenace Management Component is a product that distributes tasks and responsibilities to the employees involved in the maintenance process, updating, just in time, the information to all company members, checking whether this information has been correctly used, quickly providing syntheses to the management etc.", says Sorin DIMOFTE, manager of Implemantation Department within SIVECO Romania.

Almost 70% of SIVECO România's clients use Maintenance Management Component. Among the references there can be mentioned companies such as ALRO Slatina SA, Romanian Beer Company, AEROSTAR Bacău, Constanta Sea Harbour Administration - APMC, SNP Petrom, Hidroelectrica - Iron Gates subsidiary etc.

One of the most important implementation of this component took place at  Compania de Bere România.

"When choosing this solution, the main objective was that of ensuring the  equipments functioning at nominal parameeters, with minimal maintance costs, that being an important support for the normal fulfilment of production activities, without interruption that can cause financial lose or image damages of the brands" declares Sorin DIMOFTE. "Providing a performant maintenance system perfectly compatible with the Japanese model used by the mother company (SABMiller plc) represents one of the main objectives of CBR management. The implementation began with a pilot at Buzau factory and extended to the other production location (Piteşti şi Cluj Napoca şi Timişoara)."

By using the Maintenance Mangement Component CBR benefits of a series of costs, time and human resource advantages:

  • Reducing repairing costs as a consequence of proper scheduling and effective maintenance according to the programs and data defined by the system;
  • A better organization of maintenance and repairing activities, by defining the specific activities which have associated specific necessary resources;
  • Reducing the scheduled maintenance (repair) time by defining the procurement outfit and a just-in-time procurement (by the data defined in the system);
  • Reducing the number of recording the activities for documents and data related to material inventory, raw materials and spare parts;
  • Calculating the financial resources used for repairing different types of equipments and using this information for future procurement - related decisions;
  • Just-in-time support; optimum time for maintenance activities;
  • Reducing the number of accidental damages.

CBR Project was a challenge for the implementation team. The most important support came from the management team of Compania de Bere România, preocupied with steamlining maintenance activity and the alingnment of the activity to the international standards of SABMiller.

"For us, this project was a real challenge, a true pioneer action: it was for the first time in Romania when the informatic system had to be implemented after the Japanese total productive mantaince model" declares Sorin Dimofte, manager of Implementation Department within SIVECO România.