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Companies can make the best decisions when they use an IT-based forecast system

Monday, November 9, 2015

In an unpredictable environment are required strategies based on information that would warn the management on the problematic developments, but on the outstanding achievements too

In an unpredictable environment, there is also need for areas of stability. For a company, a means for making its evolution predictable is represented by using IT systems, an automated activity respectively. Among the It solutions developed and implemented by SIVECO, Dashboard - SIVECO Business Analyzer is one the applications most often requested by managers, having a direct impact on the decision making process.

According to a recent study of Gartner company, world leader in market research for the IT field, "the digital business environment in growing. 50% of the companies aimed to become digital over the following 24 months and 83% of them within a period of 3 to 5 years”. (Digital Business Is Here Now, 18 March 2015).

Using the application Dashboard - SIVECO Business Analyzer (Business Intelligence) the managers will know, based on the ”What if” analysis what happens to profit if they make procurement in Euro or dollars, if VAT rate changes, if they raise salaries or if they produce by 10 % more of sort X and by 5% less of sort Y. Having these simulations and forecasts of the economic-financial indicators’ dynamics, the company will make the best decisions on short, medium and long term.

Dashboard supports managers in the planning, monitoring, control and prognosis activities. Thus, they will adopt the best strategies for cost control and will identify the sources for raising profits.

The system generates synthetic, coherent and consistent information and through representations under graphic and tabular form of the requested analyses. Everything, in a suggestive form, easy to manage and to customize!

Analyses of the economic environment are multidimensional. A manager has to be able to evaluate not just the company’s overall performance, but also the performance broken down per regions, time frames, customers, services, products, in one or several currencies.

The application provided by SIVECO allows multidimensional analyses, eliminating the constraints imposed by the classical bi-dimensional reporting instruments. The managers can visualize at any moment the areas with problems within the company’s activity and can navigate in detail to find out the causes. There is also the possibility to identify situations of exception type and to alert the responsible persons in case when pre-set thresholds are exceeded.

”The system proposes beneficiaries several types of analyses, according to own criteria and data representations, specific to the company’s activity and its sector of activity. Screen formatting and the entire use are based on intuitive instruments, on suggestive menus and buttons. An important product feature is flexibility: the user can decide what data to select, by what criteria to analyze them, in what form to display them on the screen and which users shall have access to these analyses”, has stated Lacramioara Barseti, manager SIVECO Applications department.