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Companies may be "piloted" by means of intelligent software

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Given the current economic context, a rapid and accurate interpretation of the company data often makes the difference between success and failure in market competition. That is why the Business Intelligence (BI) tools have become increasingly popular in the Romanian business environment.

The companies’ orientation towards Business Intelligence applications depends both on the complexity of a given business and the financial strength of a company. For the local market, specialty analysts point to an increased demand for Business Intelligence solutions, especially in such areas as services, retail, and distribution, closely followed by public administration and industry. In these areas, the number of intelligent software beneficiaries and the value of contracted Business Intelligence solutions have increased considerably over the past few years.

"Currently, Romanian economic operators are faced with a genuine information assault. On the management level, this situation may sometimes result in decision-making delays. In order to help decision makers, SIVECO Romania has put up a number of IT tools, designed to support business management. Our Business Intelligence applications provide our customers with the ability to automatically collect and filter any information that is relevant to the development of their business. Basically, this intelligent software analyzes and qualifies huge volumes of data, offering managers real help in substantiating their business decisions and actions. Rather than relying on the company’s human resources for drawing up statuses and reports, companies now have the SIVECO Business Analyzer at their disposal“, states Dorin Bara, Deputy Line of Business Manager, SIVECO Romania.

The momentum that the Business Intelligence applications gain today offers entirely new perspectives on the effective exploitation of information. Perfectly aware of the benefits of these solutions, the local economic operators have identified the IT sector as an important competitive advantage and an essential differentiating factor from the competition.

SIVECO Business Analyzer is a modern and flexible Information Management System (SIM), which monitors and correlates the entire activity of a given company. The specific features of this application are extended and refined into a complementary solution, called SIVECO Balanced ScoreCard. The newest Business Intelligence product in the portfolio of SIVECO Romania, SIVECO Balanced ScoreCard is, at the moment, the main IT instrument designed to support the strategic management activities within organizations. By purchasing any of these products, top-management has quick access to analyses, statistics and laborious economic reports, all of which are automatically generated.

"By running our Business Intelligence solutions, companies substantially reduce their administrative task volume. They get an important support in substantiating managerial decisions. With SIVECO Business Analyzer and SIVECO Balanced ScoreCard managers can personally choose whatever data they wish to select, the criteria they want to assess them by, and the form they want to display them in. By means of the intelligent software that it develops, SIVECO Romania significantly contributes to the information modernization of companies", added Dorin Bara.