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Companies Social Responsibility - evolution and revolution

Friday, July 29, 2011

A book has been launched including stories from the life of the most appreciated companies in Romania involved in social responsibility actions

Bucharest, 29th of July 2011 - SIVECO Romania's performance in social responsibility projects are of notoriety, as the company is part of top of most important companies in Romania running projects in support of the community.

Launched during a touching ceremony taking place recently in Bucharest, the book CSRevolution includes the life stories of 25 top companies, seen through the eyes of those who have brought them to the climax performance, true mechanisms of influencing the communities they belong to, and their vision on a model of education and social involvement, that would meet the numerous needs of the communities and environment.

The projects supported by SIVECO Romania, strengthened during many years, have gained the confidence of their beneficiaries through results confirming commitment, attachment and the determination in reaching the goals set and assumed.

"SIVECO Romania's participation in social responsibility actions is a constant component, guaranteed by the mechanisms and projects we have conceived along the years, and is part of the company's corporate philosophy. The company approaches the CSR policy from the perspective of long term sustainable development of the society. The projects we are developing - of eLearning, eHealth, eAgriculture, eCustoms, eGovernment - have outstanding social attributes as they address to all professional categories and are influencing their life", says Irina SOCOL, President & CEO of SIVECO Romania.

SIVECO Romania has put its mark on large projects with conclusive social impact over its final users, citizens of the Information society: generalization of computer aided training in the Romanian pre-university education system - SEI, the project dedicated to managing European funds for farmers (APIA), the project of introducing IT into the health system developed at NHIH (CNAS), the projects of introducing IT into the customs system or the application developed for the Credit Bureau.