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The Company Management can be learned from home

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Bucharest, 2nd November 2006- Recently, The Academy of Economic Studies (ASE) launched the master’s degree program „The company and territory management” (CTM), a new specialization that offers the possibility of improving and assimilating of new knowledge for the managers, specialists and experts from areas of national and European interest - the business environment, administration and public services of general interest.

The ceremony has benefited of a numerous audience: the representative of the French Embassy in Bucharest, university professors from ASE and from d’Artois University in France and representatives of the Romanian &French business community.

Promoting the use of e-learning within the framework of a Master’s Degree Program organized by ASE, CTM offers students applying for the course, the freedom and flexibility of learning practically anytime and anywhere, provided they have access to an internet connection.

The international master ‘s program on „Company and territory management” will take place starting this autumn, through a partnership between The Academy of Economic Studies, d’Artois University from France and the company SIVECO Romania, which will ensure the e-learning AEL platform. CTM represents a modern master’s degree program that offers both students and teachers l the benefits of using the eLearing AEL platform, a solution for efficient teaching., that offers the necessary information and abilities at the time when the student needs them.

„Time is the main enemy of modern man, there is a war in which we all try to improve our activity and win”. The university education system in Romania follows the same objective and has found the solution to win this „war”-by using eLearning.

 Our company offers to students enrolled in the CTM courses on AeL platform, a solution 3 times awarded in the same year at the highest level by the European Commission: the AeL platform received the nomination at IST Prize, the equivalent of OSCAR awards for science and technology and then the Honorable Mention and Finalist place in Manchester, at the eEurope Awards for eGovernment. Ael is a mature system, which has proven it’s force during the already 5 years of use at national level” said Mrs. Irina Socol, General Manager of SIVECO Romania within the opening ceremony of CTM.

For the AeL Platform developed by SIVECO Romania, the teaching sessions can be synchronic or independent, following a student’s own pace, while the communication with the teacher and classmates is done in real time. The teacher coordinates the synchronic sessions, prepares the curriculum and tests of the course, evaluates and supports the students continuously, he is responsible for assigning the participants to the course, sets the schedule of teaching and the methods of evaluation.

 Education represents a priority field for SIVECO, the eLearning solutions developed for the pre-university environment in Romania within The Romanian IT Based Educational System, as well as the awards received by this program in international competitions represents a certification of the company’s quality and expertise in this field.

The e-Learning AEL platform, used in schools, high schools and universities across Romania, including also the companies focused on efficiency in the field of human resources teaching, sustains the objectives of The Academy of Economic Studies  and  d’Artois University from France,  that offer  a master’s degree based on  modern educational principles”, declared Mrs. Irina Socol, General Manager of SIVECO Romania.