The company SIVECO Romania was awarded for the quality of its integrated information solutions | SIVECO Romania

The company SIVECO Romania was awarded for the quality of its integrated information solutions

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bucharest, 20th of December 2006 – SIVECO Romania received recently the trophy  “Economic Tribune Laurel” for the quality of its integrated information solutions, distinctions that are rewards to Romanian companies for their economic performances achieved in 2006, as well as for their efforts invested in sustaining the community. At the same time, the event aims to highlight organization with special concerns in long-term investments in lining up with the European standards, in creating large number of jobs, as well as the institutions that contributes essentially to the promotion of business community interests.  

“We are honored of the Economic Tribune choice and we are proud to contribute to Romania’s reputation as important software provider. SIVECO Romania constantly promotes creativity, high quality, diversity and business competitivity. We will continue to promote Excellency in everything that we are doing and we are convinced that our expertise and performances in this area will continue to be an important image capital for the sector’s branding process”, stated Alexandru Craciun, Account Manager SIVECO Romania.

This distinction awarded to SIVECO Romania as a promoter of excellence and performances, confirms one more time the professionalism and high quality of the products and services provided to clients and partners.

“During our fifteenth-year existence, the company developed in a continuous rhythm and we succeeded, together with our partners and customers, in making everything we assumed come true. And it is obvious that these results will only make us more determined to get the same results in the future. I thank again to the magazine “Economic Tribune” for its constant efforts in sustaining Romanian companies and the society in general by promoting the best and most performant solutions and achievements in all economic sectors”, states Irina SOCOL, Director General al SIVECO Romania.