The company’s performance is better when managed by software that thinks “strategically” | SIVECO Romania

The company’s performance is better when managed by software that thinks “strategically”

Monday, May 5, 2008

As competition is growing fast, management looks for software able to substitute the human effort when extracting essential data, analyzing them or removing irrelevant and redundant information within the workflows inside the organization.

In this respect, SIVECO Romania brings a new Business Intelligence product on the market – SIVECO Balanced ScoreCard. This solution for strategic management assures transparent and efficient communication of the objectives pursued by the organization, monitoring as well its performances.

This new solution present on the Romanian market lines up to the international tendency for promoting the Participative Management and encouraging the employees to involve in the organization success through a higher professional and managerial competitiveness.

“By implementing SIVECO Balanced ScoreCard, the management wins a valid support for decision making, based on secure and real time access to vital information. The solution places strategy in the center, providing relevant information to the beneficiary, regarding the evolution of the company towards targeted objectives”, declares Dorin Bara, Deputy Line of Business Manager within SIVECO Romania.

The solution for strategic management comes to complete the well-known Business Intelligence product of the company – SIVECO Business Analyzer, already implemented to numerous Romanian companies.

Although newly launched on the market, SIVECO Balanced ScoreCard has been already successfully implemented within ANTICOROSIV, during a complex PHARE project for “Quality Strategy”.

The main purpose of the solution developed by SIVECO Romania is to provide data and structured information to the shareholders and top-management, facilitating this way the decision making process inside the company. The solution elaborates indicators sets, able to cover the strategy and its objectives for all the units, departments and employees inside the company – starting with management and ending with the junior workers.

The strategic management software – SIVECO Balanced ScoreCard – brings numerous benefits to its users, like:

  • Monitoring, analysis and comparison of the performance for each employee, department, unit as well as for the entire organization;
  • Possibility for defining dynamic scenarios through advanced business models, concluding in specific situations of managerial interest;
  •  Possibility for simultaneous access of data, monitored through advanced mechanisms for data security and recovery;
  • Automatic mechanisms for uploading the data and archiving the operations, assuring a rapid access to information in order to be analyzed.

The solution developed by SIVECO Romania is a “user – friendly” application, allowing a personalized interface with the user according to his preferences, as well as the definition of new indicators at the user’s request. The system is flexible, offering enlarged possibilities for adapting to the business specific of the beneficiary.

“Respecting the modern conceptions for strategic management, SIVECO Balanced ScoreCard offers the possibility to realize and follow-up KPI (Key Performance Indicators). This way, it allows a concrete and complete overview of the company business”, explains Ciprian Neacsu, Technical Leader within SIVECO Romania.