A.J.O.F.M. Vaslui starts professional training programs within “CompEtent” project | SIVECO Romania

A.J.O.F.M. Vaslui starts professional training programs within “CompEtent” project

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Project co-funded through European Social Fund
Human resources Development Sectorial Operational Program 2007-2013
Invest in people!


A.J.O.F.M. Vaslui starts professional training programs within “CompEtent” project

PROJECT: “CompEtent-SPO employees’ competencies development for the increase of the Quality and Efficiency of services provided” – POSDRU /124 /4.2/S/130703

Vaslui, October 29, 2014

Vaslui County Employment Agency (A.J.O.F.M) announces the start of the program for professional training “Projects’ Evaluator”, as beneficiary within “CompEtent-SPO employees’ competencies development for provided services Quality and Efficiency increase”. The course is deployed between October 27 2014 – November 01 2014 at Hotel Royal, Constanţa. At this session participate employees of Employment Agencies from Argeş, Vrancea, Vaslui and Tulcea counties.

Within the next period, November 03 – November 08 2014, the second training program will be deployed, part of “English Communication Competencies Development” project.

Within the project will be deployed, by the end of the project’s implementation, the following professional training programs: “Project Manager”, “English Communication Competencies Development”, “Labor Health and Safety”, “Entrepreneurial Competencies”, “Projects’ Evaluator”, “HR Controller”, “Labor Market Analyst”, “Employment Agent”. The project aims the training of 160 individuals. The training programs are destined exclusively for SPO employees who will benefit of interactive training in concordance with adults’ training modern education. They were selected to be part of projects’ target group. The participants will benefit from counselling and guidance in putting in practice of the theory.

The project, implemented in partnership with A.J.O.F.M. Botoşani, A.J.O.F.M. Timiş, A.J.O.F.M. Argeş, A.J.O.F.M. Bacău, A.J.O.F.M. Buzău, A.J.O.F.M. Tulcea, A.J.O.F.M. Vrancea, “Aproape de Tine” Association from Iaşi, “Unitate şi Mediere” Community Association from Vaslui and SIVECO Romania, is deployed on a period of 18 months.

The project is co-funded from European Social Fund through Human Resources Development Operational Program 2007-2013 „Invest in people!”, 4th priority axis "Employment Public Service Modernization”, 4.2 major Intervention Area „SPO own personnel training”.

Vasiliu Genoveva – “CompEtent” project communication and promotion expert Asociaţia Comunitară de Unitate şi Mediere Vaslui
Gabriel LAZĂR“CompEtent” Project Manager 
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