5 competitive advantages acquired by oil companies by using the latest IT applications | SIVECO Romania

5 competitive advantages acquired by oil companies by using the latest IT applications

Friday, March 18, 2016

SIVECO Romania proposes a full suite of IT applications for managing the activities specific to oil companies and oil products ports operators

Forecasts say that by 2025 the world population will grow by more than 1.1 billion people, while the demand for hydrocarbons will have an average annual growth of 1.2%, being estimated at 105 million barrels per day.

Moreover, faced with this enormous challenge, the companies in the oil sector are confronted over the past years with the huge pressure represented by the integrated management of a data volume having an exponential growth.

Managing the ever greater data volume received from the branches, the legislative and environmental constraints, as well as the technological challenges are all emergencies on the current agenda of oil companies’ managers, and make purchasing the highest performing software applications, perfectly adjusted to this sector’s requirements, necessary.

The solution proposed by SIVECO Romania includes a suite of IT applications for managing the activities specific to oil companies, covering both the flow of commercial operations at Headquarters, and the one at the sub-units level, from warehouses and gas stations, respectively. These applications cover also the processes specific to ports operators of oil products.

The 3 solutions developed by SIVECO, perfectly matched to the current needs of oil companies are as follows:

  • SIVECO Head Office – the solution necessary for the uniform management of all operations from subsidiaries, branches and working points, at the level of the company Headquarters. This covers major processes such as: transmission of unique tables from HQ to the subsidiaries and working points, uploading all the working points’ transactions into the central database and the transactions’ transfer from the working points to the local bases (local subsidiaries).
  • SIVECO Procurement – solution participating in optimizing the procurement flow and reducing expenses, addressed directly to the employees involved in the procurement activity.
  • SIVECO Applications 2020 - ERP system competitive at international level providing companies with an integrated control of the activity and processes, in full compliance with the national legislative regulations. Due to its modular structure and to complex functionalities, SIVECO Applications 2020 covers all the activities within a company.

Each of these components offers advantages leading to:

  1. A better organization of the activity

  2. Increasing the business efficiency by reducing expenses

  3. Improving the relationship with suppliers and customers

  4. Increasing control over the organization by increasing the data consistency, coherence a and relevance

  5. Improving the decision making process as a result of its rapid and correct substantiation.

The SIVECO solution dedicated to the companies in the oil sector observes the principle of information’s uniqueness at the level of the central management system, which provides data homogeneity and eliminates redundancies. At the same time, the solution’s modularity and scalability allow for the necessary adjustments depending on the size and customer’s need for introducing IT.

“Apart from the expertise in developing large scale and large complexity IT projects, our team has a good understanding of the sector, acquired through many successful implementations at large companies in the oil sector, both in Romania, and in other countries with tradition in this industry. We are proud that our ERP solution, SIVECO Applications 2020, operates with very good results at the Black Sea Terminal Georgia, one of the first ten oil companies in the world. In Romania we have collaborated with important companies in the oil sector such as National Company OMV Petrom, COMVEX and UNICOM Holding”, has stated Lacramioara Barseti, Manager of SIVECO Applications Department.