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Competitiveness at European standards by introducing IT

Friday, May 11, 2007

Bucharest, 11th of May 2007 – Recently, SIVECO Romania has participated to “Communications’ Day”, the XI edition of an event already traditional for the IT&C industry, organized by Agnor High Tech and CERF, which marks the evolution, the strategies and the solutions dedicated to Romania development in the global context of telecommunication.

By participating to this event, SIVECO Romania sustains the dynamic of this field, presenting to the participants – important representatives from IT&C industry and telecom market, existing and potential beneficiaries and end-users, dedicated software solutions and successful cases in the area. As this sector implies specialists that need o continuous education within an efficient and quick process, AeL Enterprise, the eTraining solution developed by SIVECO Romania comes as an answer to the Romanian business environment’s need of improvement, guaranteeing at the same time an education at European standards, that will considerable reduce the training period.

The benefits that AeL Enterprise offers to the telecom sector are multiple: the unitary training and testing of the employees, the efficiency of the training activity, performances monitoring, flexibility, costs and unproductive times reduction, interactivity and a high level of control of the information that the employee receives during the training session”, explains Dan Listes, Business Development Group sales responsible within SIVECO Romania.

The participants to the event have viewed presentations of the solutions developed by the company and dedicated to communications field: Preventel, a “fraud detection” system type that manages the telecom companies’ subscribers data base, reporting information regarding the customers that have debts or payment arrears or those with a fraudulent behavior, and Surf, a system that manages a centralized data base of Romtelecom subscribers, which it is distributed on the company Intranet.

Along with the Integrated Information System SIVECO Applications 2010, capable to cover, through an efficient administration, all the departments of a telecom company, SIVECO Romania representative has also approached the presentation of a successful implementation of the IT system OSKAR Prepaid System within Cesky Mobil from the Czech Republic, a system built after the Data Warehouse model, used by the Czech mobile telecom company in GSM network for CDR (Call Data Records) stocking.

“The European Union enforces the creation of strategic alliances able to promote a continuous developing Romanian communication market, more and more valued to its real potential, that keeps in touch with the global major guiding lines, innovations and technologies. SIVECO Romania sustains the development of the telecom field with latest generation software solutions, mature, validated by successful implementations and capable to meet the specific requirements of the communication companies”, concludes Dan Listes.