Completion of the project POS CCE "Increasing the efficiency of medical services at the Obstetrics-Gynecology Hospital Ploiesti through implementation of e-health solutions" | SIVECO Romania

Completion of the project POS CCE "Increasing the efficiency of medical services at the Obstetrics-Gynecology Hospital Ploiesti through implementation of e-health solutions"

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday, 29 November 2011, has been announced during a press conference the completion of the project "Increasing the efficiency of medical services at the Obstetrics - Gynecology Hospital Ploiesti through implementation of e-health solutions", carried out through the Sectorial Operational Program "Increasing the Economic Competitiveness" 2007-2013 (POS CCE), Priority Axis 3 - Information Technology and Communications (TIC) for the private and public sectors, Major Filed of Intervention 2 - "Development and increasing the efficiency of electronic public services".

The project objective consists in increasing the efficiency of the administrative action, increasing the quality of the medical service, ensuring quick answer to the requirements of the suppliers, patients and institutions, efficient management of the main flows of activities and data.

The information solution for the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital in Ploiesti was carried out by a consortium formed of SIVECO Romania, ISH Informatika Kft. Hungary and SC East and West SRL. The project value is worth 2,119,346 lei.

"We are the first hospital in the country that has implemented an IT system able to improve the medical service addressed to the patient, to reduce the expenses related to administration and to ensure the efficiency in carrying out the medical activities and procedures. I thank everybody who has been involved in executing this project extremely important for the activity of our hospital", has declared dr.Călin Boeru, manager of the Obstetrics-Gynecology Hospital in Ploiesti.

The information system has been conceived in close connection to the patient?s requirements and exigencies.

"Built based on the latest software technologies, the information system SIVMED that we offer to the hospital specialists ensures quick access to the historical medical data of a patient, optimizes procurement with medicine and sanitary materials, highlights the successive moves of the insured persons and the types of treatments these have benefited from, monitors the situation of admission and discharges, and many other aspects specific to the hospital activity", has stated Dragoş Dobran, manager of eHealth Department within SIVECO Romania.

The system is able to record the costs involved by various medical operations, including the consultations, specialty investigations, the treatments prescribed to patients, thus contributing to an efficient management of the resources the hospital is administering

"We hope this project will be a good example to follow also by other hospitals in the country. We wish that the beneficiaries of the medical services to be treated respectfully, and promptitude and to benefit from medical assistance of better quality, more efficient and safer", has declared ing.Mircea Cosma, President of the Prahova Country Council.
The event has been attended by representatives of the Obstetrics-Gynecology Hospital in Ploiesti, members of the Prahova Country Council and the City Hall of Ploiesti, as well as of the companies Infinio Solution Ploiesti, SIVECO Romania and ISH.

Contact Person:
Dr.Călin Boeru, manager
Obstetrics-Gynecology Hospital in Ploiesti
Telephone: 0040-724275566