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Computer-assisted courses for students

Friday, January 15, 2010

SIVECO Romania has made an advanced university eLearning Portal, for the project PAELIS.

Bucharest, January 12, 2010 - Courses "in pictures", videoconferencing, animations, simulations. Such courses may take place in universities, through the PAELIS project that provides students and teachers access to an eLearning portal. This facilitates the transfer of know-how and knowledge between students and teachers in order to bring added value to the educational process, thus making it more flexible and efficient.

The project, developed under a partnership between SIVECO Romania and the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, is co-financed by the NP II (National Plan), Program 5 - Innovation, under the contract no. 67/2007 concluded with AMCSIT.

The eLearning Portal enables carrying out interactive sessions with help of multimedia facilities and/or of those of videoconferencing type, while within the digital courses one can integrate most types of educational resources known: Microsoft Office documents, movies, images, animations, simulations and other interactive materials. Besides, the suite of applications (audio - video conference, sharing applications, common navigation, slideshows, chat and message board etc.) facilitates teamwork and collaborative projects.

The Portal - based on a powerful eLearning platform - has an additional benefit being SCORM compatible (a collection of standards and specifications for computer-assisted training). The system has a friendly interface and is accessible to all categories of users, regardless of the IT knowledge they hold.

"Through the eLearning portal developed in the project PAELIS, education institutions can adapt their educational offer to the labor market requirements. Using the latest technology represents an important differentiator taken into account by many young people upon registration at the university", said Catalin Stefan, technical project responsible within Romania SIVECO.

Of this type of portal can also benefit other universities in the country or abroad, the system providing support for the teaching/ learning educational activities, collaboration, knowledge and courses management and administrative activities.

"Today's student wants mobility, flexibility and quick access to information. With the convenience provided by learning modules and collaboration, the new eLearning portal developed in the project PAELIS meets these expectations, friendly assist the teaching staff in the transfer of knowledge and offers the possibility to mix the synchronous and asynchronous educational activities, in proportions decided by the specificity of each discipline", said prof. dr. ing Ana Maria Joşceanu, responsible of the project, within Center for Technology Transfer for Process Industries, Polytechnic University of Bucharest.