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The Computer Assisted Education – the center stage of “The Romanian Days” in Brussels

Monday, January 22, 2007

Bucharest, 22th January 2007 - Under the patronage of the European Commission, it was organized between 15-19 January 2007 “Romania’s Week at Brussels”, an important event for strengthen Romania’s image and brand. With this occasion, Romania presented the best success projects, its cultural patrimony, beautiful tourist destination, looking to increase its visibility and to present our country capacity and expertise in implementing complex programs and special European programs in the educational area.

In the presence Mr. Jan FIGEL, Commissioner for Education, Culture and Youth, Mrs. Odile QUINTIN, Director General, DG EAC, Mr. Marius HIRTE, Deputy Permanent Representative of Romania to the EU and the European officials, SIVECO Romania presented its success program, SEI (The Romanian IT-based Educational System), one of the most awarded governmental programs developed at national level and also one of the most appreciated eLearning programs in the world.

“Within SEI, the Romanian School passed ahead our society if we take into account the IT domain. Our contributions to the Romanian IT society, in area that we detain expertise sustain the effort to promote our country brand at the regional and global level. The Romanian software industry is the best ambassador for Romania, underlying the creative part of the Romanian IT specialists”, declares Irina Socol, SIVECO Romania General Manager.

Present at Brussels, together with the exhibitions “Sibiu: Traditions and the present day” and “Counting the time of the history”, SIVECO Romania demonstrated once again its experience and expertise capitalized in the coherent vision that covers all the eLearning program phases on the long term.

Moreover, the development of the IT based economy is one of the most important social and economic challenges which Europe and the rest of the world is confronting. In the new context of Knowledge based Economy, the quality education is more important now than never. The knowledge and the information became the most important ingredient of the productivity, competitive, welfare and prosperity.

About SEI

Initiated in 2001, The IT based Educational System is aiming to bring up to date the Romanian Educational System by introducing new teaching instruments and methods for the majority of the school subjects, and also it is offering support for the assimilation of knowledge and aptitudes, as to evaluate this process.

SEI follows the Romania’s governmental strategy in IT&C, it supports the accomplishment of the digital reform, being concordant with the eEurope 2005 action plan, developed by EU. The SEI program is implemented within a public-private partnership, alongside with SIVECO Romania being HP and IBM.

The great success of SEI project can be shortly described in the following numbers: over 3 million beneficiaries, 65.000 trained teachers, 4780 IT laboratories, 78.000 PCs, 1647 AeL multimedia lessons, 600 schools connected at Internet. With the help of AeL solution developed by SIVECO between 2001 and 2006 it were electronically distributed in high schools over 1.304.394 students. 

Till now, the researches on Romanian schools included in the SEI program prove that the new technologies make the learning process more efficient, facilitate the individual learning and the team work, help to democratize the education process, develop a new economy based on knowledge in terms of reducing the absenteeism of scholars and motivate them to learn.

The SIVECO Romania solutions in educational field, both the eLearning platform and the content of AeL lessons were recognized, since 2001, at international level by European Commission, as best practice in eGovernment projects. Beside this distinction stand various other awards: World Summit Award in 2005 at eLearning section, Honorable Mention la eEurope Awards for eGovernment, Manchester 2005 where the SEI program was recognized as the most successfully eGovernment program rolled at national level, and The Excellence Award in Project Management" for AeL team. All these contributed to the increase of worldwide company awareness and to the company's participations at international complex projects.