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Computerization in the energetic sector is a priority in Romanian economy

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

23th of June 2004, Bucharest - Recently took place at Neptun Olimp the 7th edition of the Conference of Romanian National Committee of Energy Global Council( CNR-CME) - "Software and telecom solutions for energetic sector".

The Conference is part of Energy Global Council, being a regional Forum of CME. CME members are the main organizations and institutions with contributions in energetic sector at national level and worldwide, CNR-CMRE organising public debates in order to reach conclusions and make recommendations in the field, as well as to offer different opinions regarding official documents in energetic policy.

According with its philosophy of providing IT solutions that meet its clients needs, SIVECO Romania presented at this conference the projects started for and together with the partners in the energetic field: SNP Petrom-the headquarter and Petrobrazi branch, TRANSELECTRICA, TERMOELECTRICA companies such as SE Braila, SE Borzesti, SE Paroseni, Elcen Mures Iernut, ELCEN Constanta, CET Iasi, CET Brasov, CET Bacau, Termoficarea 2000 Pitesti, Termocalor Timisoara, SE DEVA Mintia, ENET Focsani, TERMOELECTRICA Bucuresti, si ELECTROCENTRALE Bucuresti, Regia Apelor Valea Jiului Petrosani ( RAAVJ), Hidroserv Hateg, Hidroserv Portile de Fier, Termoserv Mures Iernut, Termoserv Braila.

"All industries in economic field, try to align themselves to European standards and the energetic sector makes no exception. The infrastructure has to be modernized, obsolete work practices have to be reconsidered, and last but not least utility consumers, all of them have to be brought to the same standards, so that the services become what we all want them to be: more rapid, less bureaucratic and ready to meet our real needs" said Ms. Aurora Crusti, manager SIVECO Applications department .

"The implementation of our IT system at SNP Petrom had as result the increase of the internal financial control level, helping to concentrate the efforts of the administrative and financial teams towards activities more important than the bureaucratic ones, all these leading to a rapid access to the critical data. Thus, it is possible to analyse and process the historical financial and statistical data."

The information solution based on eBusiness Suite application system at Petrobrazi aimed to integrate the operational flows, to reduce and eliminate the data inconsistency and redundancy, a better accuracy of the costs computation, with major impact on the performances.

"For RAAVJ, the information system implemented by SIVECO Romania provides the financial-accounting management, the inventory and procurement management and the management of bills and proceeds from the home consumers (more than 60.00 invoices per month). The system also provides the GIS integration which allows the localization of all the equipment and components on system-generated maps" said Mr. Sorin Dimofte, manager of the Implementation Department of SIVECO Romania.

All these solutions had as main purpose the data aggregation from the information point of view the result being an improved data management and also reports which represent a real support for the decision taking process.