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COMVEX Constanţa a ales soluţia informatică integrată SIVECO Applications

Monday, June 13, 2005

Bucharest, June 13, 2005 - COMVEX Constanta is the latest SIVECO Romania’s client, following a contract signed with the solutions and software product provider, for implementing an integrated information solution customized according to its activity.

COMVEX SA Constanta is one of the most important harbor operators in Romania, and its main activity is downloading / uploading ore.

„We are very pleased our new client choose our solution, which is a pilot-project and it is the first of its kind for us, a solution for harbor operators”, said Irina Socol, general manager SIVECO Romania.  The software provider already has experience in harbor related operations, as it has implemented a software solution at other harbor companies (APMC Constanta, Giurgiu Nav, Ceronav Constanta etc.).

Present and future changes in the Romanian economy determine companies to prepare for future events and better ensure their business. The harbor operator is one of the companies that choose to monitor the way they control and manage business processes.

COMVEX Constanta choose the integrated information package SIVECO Applications and the components that manage the main activities: Financial-Accounting, Fixed Assets and Inventory Objects, Contracts, Maintenance, Inventory and Procurement, Cost Controlling, Human Resources and Payroll, also the management tool SIVECO Business Analyzer.

The two products, SIVECO Applications and SIVECO Business Analyzer are two of the most business applications SIVECO Romania provides.

SIVECO Applications has been developing continuously for the last 11 years, based on the clients’ requests, the technology developments, meeting successfully the legal and economic changes on the Romanian and international markets.  According to the IDC studies for Romania, SIVECO Applications is No.1 on the local EAS market, with the highest market share.

The success of the ERP SIVECO Applications id determined by several characteristics:

  • It is fully developed in Romania, thus perfectly adapted to the legal frame;
  • The international SIVECO Applications version is released, according to the company’s development strategy to obtaining the European Company status;
  • Presents IAS reporting capabilities, useful for external reports
  • It can be customized according to client’s request and activity, regardless to its size and industry;
  • It enjoys a quite flexible technical support, and an implementation project is not complete until the solution is one hundred percent functional.

The Management Information System, SIVECO Business Analyzer, acts like an integrator for the system’s information, and its main advantages are:

  • Supports the decision process in planning monitoring, controlling and forecast activities;
  • Information support for adopting cost controlling strategies and profit growth sources;
  • Synthesis, coherent, consistent and real-time information;
  • Graphic or spreadsheet form analysis, easy to manage and customize.

The standard analysis the product initially presents is only the start of the applications, as it can be enriched afterwards with new personalized reports.

At the kick-off meeting on June 8th, Ms. Irina Chis, general manager at COMVEX and project manager underlined the idea that together with the information system implementation will also take place a resizing process based on the modern principles of BPR (Business Process Reengineering).

„It will be a transition from activity-oriented approach to a process-oriented one. The implementation process will know several phases. The first one will stress on solving specific ERP problems by implementing SIVECO Applications. The second one will be the implementation of the BI component - SIVECO Business Analyzer.  The third phase will be an extension to the present contract, for a management and workflow system - SIVADOC”, said Viorel Panait, general manager COMVEX.

It is remarkable that SIVECO Romania is developing this system for ensuring the information support for process management.

By implementing the new information solution, COMVEX intends to:

  • reduce costs
  • reduce management’s time
  • improve internal efficiency
  • increase shareholders, clients and employee’s trust.
The two teams consider these objectives as feasible and aim for a successful partnership.