CONGAZ SA Constanta has successfully finished introducing IT within the management of all the activities inside the organization | SIVECO Romania

CONGAZ SA Constanta has successfully finished introducing IT within the management of all the activities inside the organization

Monday, September 24, 2007

Bucharest, 18th of September 2007 –  In order to increase efficiency and to modernize the services, CONGAZ SA Constanta has decided implementing an integrated IT system with verified performances on the Romanian market: SIVECO Applications.

The rapid and strong evolution of the organization has made necessary the introduction of a system able to uniquely manage all data categories and all information (structured and unstructured) within the organization. This way, the departments’ requirements can be answered, information needed by the decision factors can be assured correctly, completely and in due time and a good relation provider - customer can be created.

The solution that best answered to the business specific requirements of CONGAZ SA is SIVECO Applications, the integrated information package developed by SIVECO Romania. This way, a successful collaboration started between the two companies, developing into the extension of the implementation project at the level of the entire company.

At the present time, SIVECO Applications assures support for the whole business process inside CONGAZ SA Constanta, namely:

  • Contracts Management,
  • Billing Management,
  • Human Resources and Payroll Management,
  • Inventory and Procurement Management,
  • Investments Management,
  • Maintenance Management,
  • Fixed Assets and Inventory Items Management,
  • Financial – Accounting Management,
  • Transportation Management,
  • Budgets and Cash-Flow Management,
  • SIVECO Business Analyzer – decision and economic analysis’ support,
  • SIVADOC – documents and workflows management.

At this moment, there are over 80 users operating the IT system inside CONGAZ. As the company’s activity evolves in the rest of the localities inside Constanta district, the number of users is estimated to increase.

The system comes with a database that assures the introduction of a large amount of structured data (billing) and unstructured (orders, authorizations, technical documentation etc.). It also allows periodical archives in order to preserve the speed and safety of the transactions.

“Implementing the integrated information system SIVECO Applications, CONGAZ reached one of its main business objectives, namely the increase of efficiency inside the organization. The positive impact of the project was mostly seen in the increased quality of the services we offer to the citizens and other companies”, declares Augustin Oprea, General Manager with CONGAZ SA.

Besides the benefits won by operating an integrated system that organizes and controls all the activities inside the company, CONGAZ SA came closer to its clients’ needs by:

  • winning their trust regarding the correctness of the billing activities;
  • allowing the customers to obtain information directly through the system, through the company’s web page;
  • offering the possibility for each client to gain knowledge about the tariffs, services and invoices,
  • creating the possibility to access information through the Internet;
  • allowing the efficient follow-up of billing activities, contracts, with permanent control;
  • assuring data safety and usage of system’s information only for granted users;
  • obtaining synthetic and operational reports in real time. 

“The implementation of its integrated solution – SIVECO Applications, within a company such as CONGAZ SA Constanta, represents an important reference in the utilities sector for SIVECO Romania. By successfully ending this project together with CONGAZ specialists, we demonstrated once again that we are a company focused on the clients’ needs, always answering them with software and services of the newest technology and highest quality”, declares Aurora Crusti, Line of Business Senior Director with SIVECO Romania.

About CONGAZ SA Constanta

CONGAZ was created in 1st February 1999, having as object of activity the implementation of natural gas system in the cities of Constanta district. The company owns licenses: provision of natural gas, distribution of natural gas, production of thermal power and supply of thermal power.

At the present time, the company has implementing software and it using materials and advanced technology. The mains shareholders are: E. OH. RUHRGAS International AG Germany, S.C. DISTRIGAZ SUD S.A. Bucharest, S.C. PETROM S.A. Bucharest, S.C. PETROCONST S.A. Constanta and the city hall of Medgidia, Ovidiu, Mihail Kogalniceanu and Cogealac.

At this moment the company owns approximately 400 km of natural gas distribution network in Constanta and Medgedia districts, as well as Navodari, Mihail Kogalniceanu, Ovidiu and Mamaia station. Right now are in rolling investment activities oriented through natural gas network and increasing the number of consumers by resolving theirs demands.

Conforming to the business plan of CONGAZ, made for middle terms, the company management has like objective the execution of network distributions of natural gas in the local area of Constanta, as well in the south seaside.