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Considerations on The Romanian IT Based Educational System offered by teachers and students from Timisoara

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bucharest, 31May 2006 - “ The IT Based Educational System – the vanguard of deep reformation” discussion session, reunited at the CD Loga National College of Timisoara, school managers, representatives of ISJ Timisoara, teachers and students, local authorities and mass media for a realistic evaluation on SEI laboratories usage rate.

Romanian educational system is offering today numerous facilities that can motivate the students to learn. 

The seminar organized in Timisoara registered a premiere. The AeL Lesson held within the SEI laboratory from Grigore Moisil High school was simultaneously viewed by the seminar participants in the amphitheater of the national college, though the CD Loga National College server.

Students and teachers have now at their disposal an important complementary teaching instrument, that need to be used at its maximum capacity by the SEI program beneficiaries.

Illustrative were the physics lessons sustained by a teacher from Timisoara using AeL eContent.

The seminar offered the participants the possibility to compare the traditional teaching method, based only on the teachers discourse, with the IT based teaching method, that imply a great implication of the students and a high rate of student-teacher interactivity.

Within the discussion session, the participants were invited to talk about their problems related to the new method of teaching and to offer proposals for its improvement.

In the start up was evaluated the implementation of AeL platform and the relation teacher –student. The discussions revealed also the reticence of a a small number of teachers in using the computer assisted learning within their classes.

Mr Radu Jugureanu, eContent Manager within SIVECO Romania stated “ It is necessary to focus on the student, not on the teacher, referring at the didactic process”, adding that “SEI must be seen as a didactic project, not as an IT project, its main objective being the transition from knowledge reproduction to knowledge creation”.