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The consolidation of the strategic partnership between Oracle and SIVECO Romania

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bucharest, 17th of May 2007 – Started in 1995, the partnership between Oracle, one of the IT leaders at global level, and SIVECO Romania, the most important Romanian software house, has strengthened during the years through real successful projects. The collaboration has taken place on various plans: technical, commercial and marketing and it has permanently developed.

SIVECO Romania has recently obtained the highest technology certification within the partnership program with Oracle, becoming thus Certified Advantage Partner. This certification demonstrates the engagement that SIVECO Romania has took for its partnership with ORACLE and the professionalism that it proved all these years.

SIVECO Romania is part of the ORACLE Partner Network (OPN) program and proves, besides advanced competences in ORACLE technology, implementation capabilities for ORACLE Applications products as well. Even more, SIVECO Romania has a department dedicated for this activity, through which it intends to combine the product capabilities with the specific requirements of the Romanian market, specially now, taking into account the EU integration.

SIVECO Romania proposes to the organizations that act on the unique European market SIVECO Applications 2010, its ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution, developed with the help of ORACLE technology and using the ORACLE database, in a client-server or 3 levels architecture.

The number of the CAP certified Romanian ORACLE partners’ is very small, hence the importance of this select group of which SIVECO Romania is now officially member.

The advantages of being Certified Advantage Partner are a good position within the ORACLE partners group, priority in fructifying the identified business opportunities, larger visibility of the expertise that the company holds in the IT solutions field. As a Certified Advantage Partner, SIVECO Romania gets priority in participating to ORACLE manifestations and forums, as well as advantageous training and support conditions.

„SIVECO Romania can successfully sustain the partnership with ORACLE due to its considerable experience and the specialized portfolio of solutions that covers a large business area. We consider ourselves to be one of the most important Romanian ORACLE partners and we are convinced that this strategic collaboration really contributes to the progress of the Romanian business environment, by creating new opportunities in the local environment”, mentions Irina Socol, General Manager with SIVECO Romania.