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The construction industry - a booming market for software suppliers

Monday, July 7, 2008

In recent years, the Romanian Construction industry has experienced a real expansion. The real estate market has evolved from a demand-based to a supply-based market. This shift – which is only natural within a mature society – opens new development opportunities for the construction-specialized companies, as far as the access to modern means of activity management is concerned. 

From the perspective of IT solution developers, this moment coincides with the crystallization of several customized offers for various industries in general, and for the construction industry in particular. 

"The development of software for the construction industry - an extremely complex and mobile field in terms of material and technology imports – represents a real challenge for the SIVECO Romania specialists. Once we have become familiar with the technical and business features in this field, we are constantly concerned with the development of customized applications for the current practice of the construction firms", said Cristina Chirvasie, Director of Vertical Sales at SIVECO Romania.

The implementation of the SIVECO Applications package ensures the optimization of the industry-specific processes, reduces costs and increases profits by means of computerized inventory management, of planning, launching and tracking of projects, status of estimates, etc. With the information tools developed by SIVECO Romania, the construction specialists now have the possibility of optimally allocating resources, so as to deliver finalized projects, according to the terms negotiated. 

"All major real estate projects are based on complex administrative processes, design, planning, finishing etc. In order to rigorously monitor these flows, to efficiently manage the expenses, in order to plan and allocate the required resources (people, materials, transport, critical equipment, etc.) with economy of effort, and especially to keep detailed records of the tenders and estimates related to each project, we propose to our customers the SIVECO Applications integrated information system. By means of the complex features of their own solutions, SIVECO Romania significantly contribute to the modernization of the working manner in the construction field, encouraging, at the same time, a revived European approach to the process of informatization of industry as a whole", Cristina Chirvasie appreciates.