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I am a European student and I'm learning how to become a responsible consumer

Tuesday, April 23, 2013
SIVECO Romania participated at the development of Consumer Classroom portal that provides an extensive library of consumer education resources from across the EU

Welcome to Consumer Classroom portal, the new community website for teachers delivering consumer education lessons! An extensive library of educational resources from across the European Union has been created in order to help the teachers of 12-18 year olds to create and share lessons with students and to collaborate with other European teachers.

Consumer Classroom

Recently launched by the European Commission, the new portal http://www.consumerclassroom.eu/ has been developed by a consortium from which SIVECO Romania is part of.

"Through this new project financed by the European Commission, we are contributing to the fulfillment of one of the major Digital Agenda for Europe pillars: enhancing the information level, the digital literacy and skills of the European consumers in the field of consumer education. The portal is developed considering the current online and educational environment particularities, stress being laid on the key target audience: teachers and authorities in the educational field", stated Irina Socol, President and CEO of SIVECO Romania.

The main objective of the Consumer Classroom portal is to stimulate and encourage the dissemination at school level of consumer education teaching subjects, in order to turn today’s students into future consumers who will be better informed and able to make responsible consumption decisions.

"For this portal, we have ensured the development of software instruments based on the latest web technologies, in order to meet the users’ increased need for interaction and collaboration throughout the entire European Union. By means of an attractive and easy to use graphical structure, the portal provides active educational resources, which are resulting subsequent to the ongoing best practices exchange between teachers from the EU member states", declared Ştefan Morcov, Deputy Vice-president SIVECO Romania.

Consumer Classroom provides teachers with the educational resources and the interactive tools to equip 12- 18 year old students with the practical consumer skills they need. By approaching various topics, such as consumers’ rights, financial literacy, sustainable consumption or consumers’ safety and health, the portal aims at creating a dynamic community website for teachers, facilitating the creation and sharing of online lessons with other teachers in the European Union. The lessons are then accessed by predefined groups of students, through “My Class” area.

Owing to the high degree of collaboration and interactivity of its functionalities, the portal allows the development of partnerships between schools from different EU countries, through the elaboration of inter-school projects. In view of elaborating schools projects, as well as to help teachers build and update their knowledge of consumer topics, Consumer Classroom will partner with consumer experts from all over Europe through dedicated sections, such as blogs and forums.

The portal is available in 21 official languages of the European Union and provides its users, teachers throughout the entire EU, with a personalized login area, as well as tools for a quick access to a continuously extending library, currently holding over 350 educational resources.

The portal launch brought about the registration process for an inter-school competition, which encourages students to create their own consumer education projects by means of interactive tools and forums, available on the portal. The competition will award the best collaborative projects developed by teachers together with their students, and the best team will win a trip to Brussels.

You may find more information on the Consumer Classroom portal by visiting http://www.consumerclassroom.eu, https://www.facebook.com/ConsumerClassroom and http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Consumer-Classroom-4859149.