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Contributions to the European Information Society

Friday, June 24, 2005

Bucharest, June 24, 2005 –  Irina Socol, general manager of SIVECO Romania has been invited to become member of the Information Society Technologies Advisory Group – ISTAG, executive body of the European Union for IT&C research.

ISTAG ( contributes to preparing and implementing IT&C research European programs, providing advise for a global strategy deployed in the entire European community: in Germany, Denmark, Belgium, France, The Czech Republic, Holland, Switzerland and others.

In the context of the European Research Area, the role of ISTAG is also to reflect and advise on the definition and implementation of a coherent research policy in Europe. This policy should ensure the mastering of technology and its applications and should help strengthen European competitiveness and address the main societal challenges in Europe.  In particular, the group should advise on how to strengthen the public and private support to ICT research in Europe and to make Europe a more attractive place for investors and researchers in this field.

In order to achieve its purpose, ISTAG is formed out of worldwide known IT and research scientists, as well as decision makers of major European companies or groundbreaking, innovative and successful companies.

Among individuals summoned to take part of the new ISTAG team are also Jozef Cornu (ISTAG President, member of Alcatel, Agfa, Barco and KBC boards of directors), Jose Encarnaçao (ISTAG Vice-President, director of INI GraphicsNet and president of Fraunhofer ICT Group), Emile Aarts (Vice-President and director of scientific programs coordinated by Philips Research Laboratories), Brit Svendsen (Vice-President and Technical Director of Telenor ASA).

Continuously confirming its interest for the development and research projects for the benefit of the business and social communities, SIVECO Romania is member of several Romanian professional or business associations, like AmCham, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania and Bucharest - CCIFER, the Romanian of the Electronic and Software Industry Association - ARIES, the Romanian Information Technology and Communications Association - ATIC.

Technologically speaking, Romania is already part of the European Community.  The adherence moment will only make it official. Therefore we must bring our contribution to this industry’s future and to help the society to grasp the new technologies.  The affiliation to such an important body is a proof of our company’s commitment”, said Irina Socol, general manager SIVECO Romania.