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“The Creative Teachers’ Club” contributes to the creation of the “School of the Future”

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"The Creative Teachers’ Club" is an initiative addressed to teachers that participate actively in building "the school of the future", by using innovative educational resources, in their daily activity in the classroom.

In order to promote the importance of using ICT tools in education, "The Creative Teachers’ Club " has launched a special contest. 

This competition supports the Myria Educational project, a partnership in which are involved renowned companies from the IT&C domain - Complet ElectroServ, Microsoft, SIVECO Romania, AltFactor and AMD. 

The competition wants to emphasize the importance of introducing interactive educational resources starting with the primary education. This will lead to an improved outcome of the teaching/learning process. With the help of the multimedia lessons, pupils learn in an enjoyable and intelligent manner”, says Vasile Ifrim, Commercial Director with AltFactor. 

By accessing the http://www.educreativ.ro/ website, “The Creative Teachers’ Club” section, the contestants will find details related to the regulations of the competition. 

The teachers that use the multimedia educational resources in the classroom, have the chance of winning, until the 15th of June, 5 computers Myria eCreativ 6+ and 50 sets of eduCreativ products, composed each of 5 products at their choice. 

Myria eCreativ 6+ proposes a package of six eduCreativ programs that transform a lesson into a captivating story full of wisdom. The game and the pedagogical aspect are happily blended in the favour of the latter. Developed according to the official curricula, the eduCreativ suite supports the activity of the teachers that prepare the future performances of the youngsters. 

The interactive lessons represent a powerful and flexible instrument that allow teachers to improve the traditional teaching process by motivating pupils and combining different teaching techniques. In this way pupils are motivated to experiment and apply what they learnt, and as a result the teaching/learning process becomes more efficient”, declares Radu Jugureanu, AeL eContent Department Manager within SIVECO Romania.