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Customer satisfaction level-the foundation of partnership relations

Monday, June 21, 2004

21st of June 2004, Bucharest - Essential element for SIVECO Romania's corporate culture, the permanent concern about the clients and their demands are very important tools in evaluating the company's performances.

"The implementation of an IT solution is about a series of logical steps: analysis, parameterisation, installing the components package, data transfer in the new system, controlling and validation of the important data and the training of the users-then the process ends with the acceptance of the final product, that is of the IT solution. But from SIVECO Romania's point of view, the collaboration with the client does not end here" declares Irina Socol, general manger of the company.

"During the implementation process, warranty and post warranty period, SIVECO Romania takes into account the clients' opinions and observations regarding its products and services. These have great importance for us, because we are talking about over 3000 end users from all over the country".

It is good to know the fact that SIVECO Romania's team does not consider a project to be finished until it is completely functional, the availability of the team is maximum, so that that the client can master the work methods and can independently reach the desired results without the help of the provider's team. Even after the end of the implementation process, comes the warranty period, in order to ensure that the business and work processes are done in the best conditions.

By using this service is ensured the technical assistance for solving specific problems when dealing with the new purchased software products, the actualisation of the current version, advantageous actualisations when upgrading the current version, priority in implementing new versions, discounts when purchasing new software products and many other facilities.

The company requests periodical studies on customer satisfaction level, both from the point of view of the provided products and services as well as from the employers point of view, employers involved in development, implementation and assistance projects.

The professionalism and objectivity of this researches are assured by collaborating with prestigious international organizations. Such a study had been done by TNS CSOP - The Center for Studying Opinion and Maket, one of the first three market research agencies in the world.

The results of the TNS CSOP highlight the positive aspects of SIVECO Romania's collaboration with its clients, but also the one that can be improved. In this way one can make adjustments and corrections, increasing the level of involvement of all the participants in the project. Thus, as to the way in which SIVECO Romania meets the needs of its clients, most of them (72%) consider that to a great extent the company satisfy their needs. Most of them see an improvement of the situation in the last year. The main reasons for these positive appreciations are: the capability of SIVECO Romania to solve its clients problems, the flexible and performant solutions, good communication with the company.

71% of the clients are satisfied with their relationship with SIVECO Romania, most of them consider that working with SIVECO Romania is easy or very easy. The main reason for working very easy with SIVECO is the professional team, followed by the quality of its services.

Two thirds of the clients (68%) consider that SIVECO Romania understands the clients' long term strategic requests (totally/to a great extent). The main reasons for these appreciations refer to the capability of SIVECO Romania's products and services to solve the problems, as well as to the flexible and performant applications.