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Cutting-edge IT solutions for airports

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Airlines are enabled to capitalize flights and control all company processes

Efficient management of all airline resources is now possible with a SIVECO Applications, a powerful IT integrated system.

Airlines managers can track and monitor the capitalization of flights and operated routes and can decide, based on the results generated by the IT system, the difference between revenues and expenditures.

Therefore, the time resources are optimized, which assures better services to passengers. All business areas within the organization will be controlled and managers will have permanent access to current and accurate information.

SIVECO Romania has deployed, with very good results, the IT solution at “Traian Vuia” Airport in Timisoara and has provided so far continuously technical support, since the implementation of the system.

“The collaboration with our clients implies, first of all, the business demands definition followed by a global and in-depth analysis of the customer’s business, development of work scenarios, customization and application development, testing, training end-users and finally the effective usage of the software”, says Anisoara Georgescu, Project Manager at SIVECO.

Implemented components of the SIVECO Applications integrated package are: Financial-Accountancy Management, Stock Management, Contract Management, Fixed and Inventory Assets Management, Budget Management, Investment Management, Human Resources Management, Personnel Salaries Management, Handling Management, SIVECO Analyzer – IT System for Management.

The benefits are very important for the airport sector: increased productivity, judiciary usage of material and human resources, detailed tracking of revenues and expenditures, with cost cutting, processing and flow of information according to defined procedures. The results are immediately available thus leading to effective and operational decisions. Flight costs can be monitored by implementing the airport service management module and the results reflects in increased operational efficiency, reduced costs for most of the operations and increased company profitability.