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Learn how to be an adaptable manager

Tuesday, June 4, 2013
The European project Decide-IT aims at carrying out an innovative game-based learning methodology in order to train managers for making decisions under stress






SIVECO will coordinate the development of 3 pilot tests for the new game developed by “Instituto di Scienze e Tecnologie della Cognizione – Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche” ISTC-CNR, the Italian coordinating partner, in Romania, Spain and Italy during June - August 2013, within the European research project “DECIDE-IT”. Along with ISTC-CNR, SIVECO Romania, ENGINEERING (Italy) and EVERIS (Spain) have also contributed to developing the game.

The project’s goal is to create a methodology for managers training based on a computer game, as regards decision making under stress. This will reproduce a small business simulation that involves the players into group activities for decision making in a dynamic context. The training will be performed in a mixed process, with a trainer monitoring each training session. The extremely customized game interface will allow managers to exercise the skills specific to decision making, from group dynamics to complex problems management.

The project is based on the theoretical framework referring to decision making in a dynamic and complex environment, generated by the interaction of several variables. This generally happens in the business field. The choices have frequently vast consequences, while long term success depends on finding the correct solution at the right moment. Managers running their activity in a rapidly and continuously changing environment, such as the business environment confront all these aspects.

The first session will take place under the coordination of SIVECO Romania during 04 -14.06.2013. Each session will consist in organizing focus groups containing 20 managers from every partner company: SIVECO, ENGINEERING and EVERIS. SIVECO will centralize the received feedback and report it to the coordinator in order to get a new game version.

At the end of this project, a training kit will be produced, that will provide the trainers with the necessary instructions for methodology implementation, an integrated technological solution, and a report that will describe the processes results.

The periods for developing the other 2 sessions will be communicated subsequently.