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Decision making and economic analyses with SIVECO Business Analyzer

Monday, April 21, 2003

Bucharest, 21st of April 2003 - For company efficient management managers need complete, consistent and coherent information, received in real-time, that can point out a rapid and efficient reaction in decision making.

90% of the managers' daily activity consists in obtaining information for decision grounding. "In a competitive market, fast decision making is very important for the company success", declares Ioana Pana, Business Alliance Manager at SIVECO Romania.

In order to meet managers? request for powerful, flexible analysis environment, for all elements defining the information flow, SIVECO Romania developed Business Analyzer, a Management Information System that consists of an advisor permanently available for management.

Companies acquire in time enormous data volumes and, most times, such data cannot be turned into information to be used, either because the technology does not allow it or the companies don't have a specific tools ? SIVECO Analyzer acts as an integrator for the available data and turns it into information that can be used, releasing multi-dimensional analytic indicators.

"Economic environment analyses are commonly multi-dimensional. The managers think in terms of regions, time intervals, customers /customer categories, services and products / product groups, currencies" declares Iulia Alecu, Project Manager at Oracle Applications department within SIVECO Romania.

"SIVECO Analyzer meets this information request by creating a tool that allows multi-dimensional analysis and eliminates the limit imposed by bi-dimensional classic report tools. The product allows analysis graphic and table representation, in a suggestive and easy to manage form for any user ? this system does not involve special computer skills."

The main advantages of using the Management Information System include:

Operational data synthesis / detail

Powerful tools for decision making

Homogenous access to data

Improvement of economical performances monitoring system

SIVECO Analyzer benefits and flexibility for adapting it to organizational requests are confirmed as well by successful references such as: ALRO Slatina, General Customs Administration, SNP PETROM, RAAVJ and APMC.

"The activity fields of the companies above mentioned and the importance of decision making process within these organizations are arguments speaking for themselves in favour of our product", Pana declares.