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Democratic Bucharest and Turda

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The second edition of the suite of events called “About the good use of democracy”, organized by ARDOR –the Romanian Association for Debates, Oratory and Rhetoric, ended with a “public speaking” marathon. 

The event included two parallel sessions of public speeches organized in Bucharest and Turda, on the theme: “did the Romanian democracy reached its age of majority?”. The events were hosted by the "George Cosbuc” National College in Bucharest and the Ratiu Center for Democracy in Turda. ARDOR together with its partners involved in promoting this project, wanted to propose a new way of expressing ideas and opinions in the public space. 

During the event, the participants –pupils, students and guests gave a few dozens public speeches, proving that if you have the experience of debating, 3 minutes are enough to present a highly impact and argumentative opinion. The speeches will be available on the website. 

SIVECO Romania, official partner of the ARDOR project, supports constantly the initiatives that contribute to the harmonious development of Romanian pupils. 

The open communication is extremely familiar to young people. But to communicate efficiently they need the experience of debating. The ARDOR project makes them more responsible and gives them the chance to learn that the freedom of speech is essential for a modern democratic society”, declared Anca Crahmaliuc, Marketing Manager, SIVECO Romania. 

During the 15 conferences from the series of events “about the good use of democracy”, pupils had the chance to develop their critical thinking and to exchange ideas with important leaders from the civil and academic society, philosophers, journalists and historians. 

As recognition of its importance for the Romanian society, the organizers of the Civil Society Gala, the 2008 edition, rewarded the Civic Conferences Project organized by ARDOR, with an Honorable mention.