550 specialists from Europe will participate at the largest IT project of the European Commission | SIVECO Romania

550 specialists from Europe will participate at the largest IT project of the European Commission

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Directorate General for Informatics of the European Commission has selected the financial and technical offer proposed by SIVECO Romania under a contract for 4 years

SIVECO Romanian is the only Romanian company selected to provide IT services to the European Commission for a period of four years within the framework contract ESP - DeSIS III, the more important contract of EC in IT field. 

SIVECO Romania has participated in the selection process in the consortium DeSIS, along with IBM, Deloitte and Steria. The financial and technical offer of the DeSIS Consortium was appreciated as being one of the most successful offer submitted and involved a considerable effort from the specialists team across Europe.

The total budget covering a maximum of four years is around 100 million EUR. In the contract will be involved 550 specialists - project managers, architects, software developers, web specialists, IT consultants etc. Services will be provided to all Directorates General of the European Commission and to agencies of Commission headquarters in Brussels, Luxembourg and Ispra, and include software development, analysis and design, education, technical support and training in the use of computer systems.

 Directorates General of the Commission shall launch projects running under this contract from 2014.

"This is the first time when a Romanian company is chosen to provide services to all DGs of the European Commission. The selection was extremely demanding and I want to thank our colleagues who have worked hard to achieve this result. Since 1998 we have collaborated with European Commission and we have demonstrated that our exceptional team can fulfill our beneficiaries’ requirements. This new contract is the largest and most important so far and we hope to have the opportunity to further demonstrate the expertise that we have gained in over two decades of work", said Florin Ilia, President & CEO SIVECO Romania.

Throughout the time, SIVECO Romania offered IT services to CE institutions. Among the contracts signed it is worth mentioning the Publications Office of the European Union, the European Aviation Safety Agency, The Consumers, Health and Food Executive Agency, EUROSTAT, the statistical office of the European Union, EuropeAid Cooperation Office, European Investment Bank. Services provided are developing financial systems, document management and content, administrative applications, geographical information systems (GIS), web portals, eLearning systems.