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The development of the software industry, a chance of success for Romania

Friday, July 2, 2004

Bucharest, 2nd of July 2004 - According to EIO studies, the local software market reached 79 mil. Euro in 2003 and it is estimated to reach 87 mil. Euro in 2004, which demonstrate a significant potential to grow the application software acquisitions.. The software represents 11% of the IT market in Romania and the annual growth is estimated by IDC at 6-7%.

In order to highlight the implications on the Romanian software market of the software leasing law, IDG organized an event that aimed to generate a forum space for the software houses, leasing companies, banks and IT associations in Romania. Based on the experience and reputation gained in the field of IT, SIVECO Romania presented some of the aspects and arguments of leasing extension in the software field.

Following the introducing of the leasing law in the software field, the anticipated benefits could be:

  • The development of the software industry, which aims with real chances to become a successful global industry in Romania;
  • Growth of the software market, because the software and services market is below the level allowed by the economic development of the country;
  • Increase of the incomes at the state budget, because of the additional growth of the turnover corresponding to the software and services sector;
  • Reduce the piracy;
  • Increase the number of jobs;
  • Keep the specialists by reducing the brain-drain phenomenon; this tendency correlated with the legal stipulations regarding the salaries of the software specialists which are free of taxes, may lead to the reduction of the emigration of the Romanian IT specialists;
  • Stimulation of the domestic manufacturing of software products to the lohn detriment.

"Our company is very interested to outline a contractual solution which should cover the need of the "User", to give the Lessor a joint interest to financially support the leasing operation and the Supplier wish to increase the number of licenses he sold. For the Supplier the occurrence of an alternative solution for financing represents an advantage - with impact upon his business" says Mr. Dan Singurel, legal counselor at SIVECO Romania.