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Development of teaching career - a successful innovative approach

Friday, February 25, 2011

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Project co-funded by the European Social Fund through the Sectorial Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007 - 2013
Priority Axis no.1 "Education and professional training in support of economic growth and development of the knowledge based society"
Major field of intervention: 1.3 "Human resources development in education and professional training"
Project Title: "Development of teaching career - a successful innovative approach"
Cod Contract: POSDRU/87/1.3/S/62758
Beneficiary: Teaching Staff House Ialomiţa

25th of February 2011, Ialomiţa

The Teaching Staff House of Ialomiţa county runs in partnership with SIVECO Romania, starting with February 2011, the multi-regional project "Teaching career development - an innovative successful approach", a project funded through the EUROPEAN SOCIAL FUND within the OPERATIONAL SECTORIAL PROGRAM FOR HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT 2007 - 2013, Priority Axis no.1: "Education and professional training in support of economic growth and development of the knowledge based society", Major field of intervention 1.3.- "Human resources development in education and training".

The project is developed during a period of 30 months (1st of February 2011 - 31th July 2013) and aims at continuous teachers-training in view of their job completion and nomination upon vacant positions in education and taking the didactical degrees.

The project eligible value is of 9,686,869.50 RON.

Project overall objective: Development of teachers' skills in a lifelong training program, aiming at their professional, psycho-pedagogical and didactical training with help of digital instruments.

The project overall objective is aligned to the requirement of the National Development Plan 2007-2013, approved by the Government, which promotes the social- economical development of Romania, in conformity to the EU Cohesion Policy and of POS DRU - through correlating education and lifelong learning with the labor market and ensuring opportunities for participation on a modern, flexible and inclusive labor market.

Project specific objectives:
• Improving the qualification of the teachers, trainers and other staff categories from education and professional training;
• Development of career opportunities.

The target group is formed of 1,200 teaching staff from the 5 counties participating in the project, namely: Ialomiţa, Argeş, Dâmboviţa, Constanţa, Buzău.

During the period February 2011 - December 2011 will be organized a series of activities specific to the trainers' selection, the teaching material will be developed structured on two modules (one psycho-pedagogical and one didactical), digital study materials and the portal for project on-line preparation.

Benefits of the project: development of inter-relating capacities within the professional community in order to identify and attract new financing sources, to develop and manage new projects; development of the capacity to manage the limited time available for teaching staff for their lifelong training; encouraging the access and participation of teaching staff in the pre-university education to the opportunities provided by the project through promotion and dissemination of results and examples of good practices.

Contact person:
Prof. Borodea Gabriela Profira, Project Manager
Telephone: +40-726196027;
Tel/fax: +40243 / 234.205.