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Do you know how much do the printed documents cost you?

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The new product launched by SIVECO Romania, SIVADOC Lite, helps managers optimize the cost of managing the documents in order to make decisions substantiated on accurate and easily accessible information

The intelligent management of documents in organizations reduces significantly the useless expenses and generates important competitive advantages for them. Unfortunately, many business growth opportunities are ignored or missed when the managers do not know important aspects of the organizations they are leading.

The costs of documents management play an important role in any company. According to the analysts from Gartner Inc., the documents management systems can reduce the documents related costs by up to 40%. 

According to a study of Global Market Insights, the market of electronic documents management systems will expand at an exceptional pace over the next six years. This growing trend is due to the large-scale extension of SaaS and Big Data type of services and to the growing trend of using one’s own device (BYOD - bring your own device) at the workplace. Moreover, in large organizations, an even higher stress is being laid on the workflow, improving the practices of document management and on centralizing the unstructured databases. 

SIVADOC Lite, the documents management solution developed by SIVECO Romania, creates possibilities for increasing the workflows’ efficiency, improves the individual productivity and allows organizations to centralize content and obtain business related information quickly.

SIVADOC Lite is easy to use in organizing, sorting and monitoring documents, while the results are being structured according to preset criteria.

By means of SIVADOC Lite, the managers of organizations can control the manner in which digital documents are created, duplicated, deleted and distributed, as well as the manner in which are managed several versions of the same document. SIVADOC Lite also allows making decisions based on correct and accessible information and data, having available means for advanced search.

Having a significant experience in developing and implementing the documents management systems, SIVECO Romania has already proved, through the product SIVADOC, carried out for large companies, the usefulness and efficacy of this solution in numerous important organizations in Romania. The novelty brought by SIVADOC Lite lies in transforming the manner of storing and sending the information inside the organizations, while the costs of the application are accessible also for the small and medium-size companies in Romania, has stated Bogdan Savu, Manager CAD and SIVADOC department within SIVECO Romania.

SIVADOC Lite can be bought as a subscription, in cloud, or with a perpetual license.

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