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Do you learn new things at work? It's time to valorised them!

Friday, August 14, 2009

AVE exemplo project, in which SIVECO Romania is partner, aims to establish methods for recognition of skills and competencies acquired through informal learning.

Bucharest, 14 August 2009 - Acquisition of new skills is essential for finding a job, in terms of the number of unemployed reached in EU countries to over 21.5 million (according to Statistical Office of the European Communities, Eurostat).

Member States should ensure through their education system, lifelong learning, and active citizenship.

AVE exemplo European project, in which SIVECO Romania is partner, aims to certify skills acquired informally during service.

The project has in view the needs of the business environment, so that skills acquired through informal modes of learning, related to existing can solve current problems that occur within organizations.

"Ave exemplo" means assessment, visibility and exploitation of non-formally acquired competencies of experienced employees in enterprises and displays both the title and the core aim of this transfer project.

In this project, SIVECO Romania will ensure the country reports on the National Vocational Education, the evaluation questionnaires about companies and employees in need of training and e-portfolio pilot.

The project is co-financed by European "Lifelong Learning Program 2007-2013" Leonardo da Vinci. Contracting Authority is the European Commission, as coordinator of the Turkish Employers' Association of Metal Industries. The total budget allocated is 399,870 euros, the project implementation period is 21 months (December 2007 - November 2009).

The overall objective of the Leonardo da Vinci sectoral increase is new employees at least 80 000 per year.

Project partners are bfz ops, Czech Republic, Research Institute for VET, Germany; ESTA Bildungswerk, Germany; ASSET Technology Ltd., Greece; ESTA Consulting Education and Training Services Co.. Ltd., Germany; MESSE Training Foundation, Turkey.

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