Dobrogea Grup chose the intelligent pattern of information management proposed by SIVECO Business Analyzer | SIVECO Romania

Dobrogea Grup chose the intelligent pattern of information management proposed by SIVECO Business Analyzer

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dobrogea Grup, one of the most important producers in the Romanian bakery-milling industry, decided to purchase the Business Intelligence solution existing in the SIVECO Romania portfolio - SIVECO Business Analyzer. 

Over the recent years, more and more Romanian companies activating in various sectors have chosen to make investments in specialized software. The applications in the Business Intelligence category occupy a privileged position among the IT products most frequently accessed by the domestic companies. 

The advanced activity management is a crucial condition for the productive companies developing complex activities that require a rigorous control of information and processes. 

"The current consumption tendencies, the high quality standards and the recent development of the Romanian bakery industry have determined the Romanian manufacturers to reassess the utility of the IT & C instruments as a success factor. Dobrogea Grup, an entirely Romanian economic entity with a great tradition on the Romanian milling and baking market, for example, has permanently invested in upgrading and technologizing its own units. Recently, the management of the company group established in Constanta has fructified an older cooperation with SIVECO Romania, by implementing the SIVECO Business Analyzer", says Dorin Bara, Deputy Line of Business Director Business Intelligence, SIVECO Romania. 

Dobrogea Grup has always proved a great mobility in the market approach and also in assimilating new information tools for activity management. Both the acquisition of advanced technologies and the purchase of modern IT management systems were counted among the strategic investments  made by the company group over the years. 

"Presently, our  units possess flexible, modern technological lines, fully automated and computerized. However, the companies within the group needed an IT solution meant to help managers analyze and assess all business opportunities. Therefore, almost a year ago, we started the implementation of the SIVECO Business Analyzer, a highly efficient IT instrument, developed by the specialists at SIVECO Romania. Once this „intelligent” module was placed into operation, the top-management of Dobrogea Grup has obtained significant support in identifying and analyzing market trends and opportunities. Thus, we can more easily adjust our own business policy, obtaining qualified information, particularly useful in planning, tracking, monitoring and forecasting activities at Dobrogea Grup”, estimated Ileana Petre, Project Manager, Dobrogea Grup.