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Document management applications are preferred by officials of public administration

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bucharest, 8th April 2009 - A recent survey conducted by SIVECO Romania reveals that document management solutions are the most popular tools of IT administration.

The survey, conducted among members of the Public Administration Information Systems Professionals Associations (ANIAP), had identified the main solutions of interest for public officials. Following the centralization of the results revealed that 45.65% of those responsible for IT administration and central commonly used tools of information support activities within their institution. Also, the survey reveals that 58.69% of the public institutions intend to expand IT investments project in a time of 12 months.

Among the categories of solutions with the highest efficiency in administrative systems there are document management solutions for geo-spatial management, applications management and financial accounting modules ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) fees and taxes management, and computerized management of human resources.
The survey shows that over half of the respondents have on average of 55 computers/institution, associated with a similar number of users.

The results of this survey were confirmed during the General Assembly members ANIAP, held during April 3-4, in Brasov.

Within the event, SIVECO Romania enjoyed a good appreciation of its solutions.

"We were surprised to see a numerous audience interested in purchasing software systems. Among the solutions our most requested include software for document management - SIVADOC, for the collection of data on households - Agricultural Register, the management of fees and local taxes - iTAX, Geographic Information System - GIS, and providing applications management contracts of fixed assets or business accounts," said Cristina Iţcuş, Line of Business Manager Local Government in the SIVECO Romania.

IT solutions for the public sector are an important component offered by SIVECO Romania. Through the quality and diversity of applications developped, our company contributes significantly to resize IT's involvement in public administration, with beneficial effects for both the institutions of government and for taxpayers.