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Document Management system improves communication in universities

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In SUNIDOC national project, SIVECO Romania will provide the best information from the educational field.

Bucharest, 16th of June 2009 - SIVECO Romania experience in research and development of information platforms dedicated to the education sector is expanding in Romania. SUNIDOC national project, coordinated by SIVECO Romania, will provide to the educational institutions a flexible and efficient instrument for document management, able to be integrated with other existing systems.

The project resulted from research and development process will be experienced in the Polytechnic University of Bucharest. The system will be active for both Rector?s Office University, and for the 13 faculties that are part of the University.

Thus, these institutions will benefit from an integrated archiving, retrieval and data management, and support for generating reports and statistics of school activity. Also, the system will enable generate and centralize electronic forms in order to make efficient the modalities of data input by the user and to offer a degree of correctness and completeness level.

"The system will allow efficient recovery of information and historical documents held by the University. It will provide mechanisms for integration with a system for scanning and recognition of text in order to achieve a database of knowledge through further integration with other systems. This database will be used in subsequent research projects, providing a source of information necessary and useful as a starting point in scientific activity," said Ionut Arsene responsible scientific project in SIVECO Romania.
SIVECO Romania's partner in this project is Polytechnic University of Bucharest. The deadline for completion the project is September 2010.

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