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Documents information control saves time and increases the eficiency of the companies

Monday, March 24, 2008

During the 12th to the 13th of March, The Ministry of Education and Youth from Moldavia, organized in Chisinau the International Conference "Quality of Education. Theoretical and practical usage of Information and Communication Technologies in Education". In the conference took part ministers of education, decision makers, representatives of educational organizations as well as eLearning experts from Moldavia, Romania, Russia, France, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Albania, Cyprus, Latvia and Georgia.

While the significance of education and the specialized knowledge strengthens its position in the modern society, the countries from the pan-European space and the CIS countries emphasize the need for development and promoting alternative solutions to the classical educational system. Introducing IT&C in education represents a continuous process, which is part of the educational reform that aims to build an authentic knowledge based economy.

The most important subjects discussed during the conference analyzed the need to introduce IT&C for increasing the quality of education and the requirement of continuous training for teachers in using IT&C resources in the educational process.
"Basic knowledge in using computers is essential for our present society. Still, not the technology used increases the quality level in education, but the modern pedagogical methods, which succeed to involve students in creating their own knowledge. eLearning solutions and interactive lessons support the development of a modern educational system" declared Florin Ilia, Vice President Commercial Division, SIVECO Romania.

At the conference, Radu Jugureanu, AeL eContent Manager with SIVECO Romania, gave the presentation ?eLearning ?didactical components?. The presentation emphasized the importance of applying modern pedagogical methods in parallel with using eLearning solutions. AeL, the interactive lessons that received numerous international awards were presented to the conference's audience.

The conclusions drawn at the end of the conference confirmed that important steps have been made in the process of introducing IT&C in education, but the phase towards the knowledge society is not yet completed. There were presented the successes achieved in developing the scientifically foundation, the pedagogical methodology and the development of multimedia interactive solutions for computer assisted learning.

SIVECO Romania was the main sponsor of the event. Acting as an important company in the educational services market, SIVECO Romania offers solutions that aim to satisfy the needs of the pupils and teachers. The company is a promoter of excellency in education.

Starting with 2005, Romania became a renowned name in the eLearning domain at the World Summit for Information Society where SIVECO received the first prize for the AeL interactive lesson. The AeL lessons, which are available in all the Romanian schools, received the title of "the best educational content in the world" in a competition in which were submitted more than 20.000 project form 168 countries.