The domain of communications and information technology a foundation for cooperation and development of regional partnerships | SIVECO Romania

The domain of communications and information technology a foundation for cooperation and development of regional partnerships

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Bucharest, 6th of July 2006 - Recently took place in Athens the Business and Investment Summit: Greece, Bulgaria and Romania with the aim of consolidating the relationships between the three states on the verge of the accession of  Romania and Bulgaria in the European Union.

SIVECO’ s presence to this event was a very good occasion to meet the members of the official delegations and representatives of Bulgarian and Greek companies. There were discussed actions meant to facilitate the development of partnerships within national and international projects, where SIVECO’s expertise and portfolio to be put to good use.

The Summit organized in Athens was a very good occasion to share experience and develop new partnerships. Sharing our resources and experience and collaborating with the implementation of the solutions found together is the only way to successfully achieve the objectives of each country. Though we are known mostly on European Union and American markets, in the last few years the company has begun to be more and more interested in the countries in the region where we want to duplicate our successful projects”, declares Florian Ciolacu, Business Development Manager within SIVECO Romania.

Within the Summit there was stressed the importance of the political stability and economic prosperity within the region, the cooperation between the three countries being vital for sustaining economic and social development in the Balkans

Regional cooperation regards transport infrastructure domain, telecommunication and energy domain and the political frame for starting off projects together has already been agreed at the level of the countries in the region.

Aiming to increase economic competitiveness trough innovation, there was stressed the need to reform education and increase investment in research.

The domain of communications and information technology is considered a  priority for the internal development of the countries participating to the Summit and for the development of regional cooperation. As technology plays a very important role in modernizing the economy, in the social development and stability and as well in  increasing security, the future investments will have to consider the potential of these technologies. 

As for the manner the European assistance funds will be directed, it was stressed the necessity to focus on putting to good use the resources and on the governments and private sector operational capabilities to concentrate on important projects with a significant impact upon economic and social development in the three countries. Transport infrastructure, energy domain, telecommunication and education are priorities.

The summit, enjoyed the presence of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Zsolt Nagy, the Minister of European Integration, Anca Boagiu, the governor of the Romanian National Bank, Mugur Isarescu, the secretary of state within the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, Darius Mesca, the Greek prime minister Kostas Karamanlis, of the Bulgarian prime minister, Serghei Stanishev, of the general secretary OECD, Angel Gurria, of the representatives of the European Commission, of numerous representatives of the private business environment.