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e-ChemEng: Quality education in higher education of chemical engineering

Friday, June 20, 2014

Project POSDRU/156/1.2/G/141040
Approval decision: 01/948/ES/22.04.2014

e-ChemEng: Quality education in higher education of chemical engineering


POLYTECHNIC University in Bucharest (UPB) is a prestigious technical university in Romania applying EU strategies for improving the instructive-educational process. Thus, one of the UPB priorities consists in developing the quality of education in the three education cycles, namely license, masters degree and Ph. Degree, including by developing of own criteria and standards and by undertaking the responsibility by the entire academic community of the university. UPB ensures carrying out high performing, developed and improved though a complex research activity, while continuing the tradition of the Bucharest Polytechnic School, according to the exigencies and means provided by the modern IT-based society. It aims at creating a new profile of technical university, promoting forms of training adjusted to the requirements of a society in full competition, subject to the process of integration into the European as well as the international Community. Its main mission is engineer training by applying the modern principle of direct participation in choosing his/her training path, shall be included in a learning process that would ensure him real chances in the competition on the free labor market.

Out of the 11 faculties in UPB, the Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Science of Materials continues and applies the UPB objectives of improving the instructive-educative process for the students in license degree and master’s degree as well.

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General Objectives

Adjusting and improving the license (bachelor’s) degree study programs, through extending the learning opportunities addressed to students, adequate to the labor market requirements, as well as development of mechanisms for increasing access to higher education.

Specific Objectives

OS1: Improving the bachelor’s programs in conformity to the National Framework of Qualifications in Higher Education, including by validation and certifying the previous learning corresponding to higher education and supplementing studies with flexible programs completed with certificates:

  • Adjustment of the summary sheets of subjects taught to license students: Basics of Chemical Engineering, Physical Chemistry, Unitary Operations, Reactors
  • Development of an educational package for each of the four subjects formed of: course in HTML format, curs in video format, digitized applications
  • Implementation of the educational package on an educational platform

OS2: Extending the opportunities of learning and promoting innovation in higher education for the license students, in the field of chemical engineering

  • Real time access to the educational package from any location  
  • Students’ contributions to developing the educational package.
Target group
  • 20 teaching staff trained from the Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Science of Materials
  • students (license/ bachelor’s degree studies) of the Applied Chemistry and Science of Materials faculty.
Positive effects of project’s implementation

The proposed project will generate a series of positive long term effects for the university education system, both for the teaching staff, and for the students, while the project’s implementation will determine a series of benefits for the target group:

  • Increasing the overall interest in education for future students’ generations, and for the masters’ degree studies in particular
  • Increasing the relevance of license study programs in the higher education by repositioning the agreement between qualification’s definition and the university curriculum as part of the quality assurance indicators, as well as from the perspective promoting the student-centered learning.
  • Transferring the stress of the learning process towards the customized and individual learning and by default making youngsters become familiar with the concept of lifelong learning
  • Extending the students’ opportunities of learning within the license study programs
  • Increasing the quality and adjustment of human resources in education and the competitiveness of human capital following the adjustment of the education process to the modern labor market’s requirements
  • Ensuring a customized, interactive and participative teaching/ learning process, favoring knowledge accumulation and increasing the professional competencies, by means of the multimedia digital content providing students with a set of instruments based on using top notch technologies.

A0. Project Management
A1. Development of curriculum, the teaching materials and tools
A2. Training the teaching staff in order of implementing the study programs and the educational package
A3. Curriculum implementation using the support instruments provided by the support educational package
A4. Information, dissemination and promotion activities.

Results to be achieved through project’s implementation

The project will be implemented at the Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Science of Materials within the POLYTECHNIC University in Bucharest

  • Curriculum adjusted according to the National Framework of Qualifications in Higher Education for license students, in the field of Chemical Engineering for the subjects: Basics of Chemical Engineering, Physical Chemistry, Unitary Operations, Reactors
  • Educational package implemented on an educational platform formed of:
    • 4 courses in HTML format
    • 4 courses in video format
  • digitized application from the four courses
  • e-learnig room for students
  • 210 students users of the educational package for the training activity
  • 210 projects carried out using the educational package
  • 20 teaching staff trained in using the educational package in the teaching activity

Manager proiect,
dr.ing. Petrica IANCU
Tel: 021 4023916; email: http://echemeng@chim.upb.ro