The e-learning materials developed in Romania are considered an example of good practice for world’s new educational trends | SIVECO Romania

The e-learning materials developed in Romania are considered an example of good practice for world’s new educational trends

Monday, September 4, 2006

The 4th of September, 2006 – The new trends in educational environment put out the utility of a teaching instrument that actively involves the two actors of the training process – trainer/professor and trainee/student. 

The SIVECO Romania solution is based on latest ITC and psycho-pedagogic principles and has been developed by SIVECO specialists in collaboration with the technical team, experienced pedagogy experts, psychologists and Methodists in order to sustain the training process, also contributing to a better approach of contents as well as at developing the key competences of trainees. Multimedia AeL lessons were made to complete the traditional teach-learn process, offering the trainer a way o transmit, motivate and receive fast feedback from the trainee.  The student is thought how to learn, adapting the suggested ways to his own aptitudes and skills, he is rather used to search, look for, analyze and using certain algorithms, than to unconsciously remember information. 

The new way of teaching stimulates the creativity of students and gives them the oportunity to experience what they’ve learned, the learning process becoming therefore efficient. 

Interactive and inovative, the educational content of Ael helps personalising the system of learning, even in group trainning cases. This benefit is available if the educational content is used on a eLearning platform.

The multimedia lessons made by the SIVECO team offer the possibility of smart learning by using multimedia elements – sound, animation, videos and graphics. All these offer interactivity to the trainning environment and gives the trainees instruments by which they can modify the parametres of the experiment.

Assuring a dynamic information change between the user and the system and the possibility to use lessons on an e-Learning platform or independently inside an individual or group training session, the AeL lessons are one of the most flexible training methods who leads the teaching process to focus on the student. The student becomes one of this own knowledge constructors, gaining a part that, even in the recent past, was unknown to him.

The AeL lessons, considered to be the best world’s content, are already available in 4700 schools and highschools of Romania.

Winner of the World Summit Award Contest, the AeL lessons are a good example of practice for the new trends of e-Learning; over 1600 mathematics informatics, biology, geography, technology etc. lessons are available in Romanian schools inside the Romanian IT Based Educational System, offering Romanian teaching the opportunity to use the world’s both didactically and IT best e-Learning product.