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A new shining medal for the Romanian IT specialists at the e-Learning Awards Gala in London

Wednesday, November 13, 2013
During last month only, the project "Optimized educational process in the view of knowledge society competences" received the second medal, in a major international competition

For vision and innovation brought to the modern learning process, the project "Optimized educational process in the view of the knowledge society competences", implemented by the Ministry of National Education, through the Management Unit for Externally Financed Project, in partnership with SIVECO Romania and the National Defense University "Carol I", has won the silver medal in the category "Most innovative new learning hardware or software product”, at the E-Learning Awards Gala in London.

A double performance, as it is not the first time when the projects developed by SIVECO Romania and its partners receive international recognition at E-Learning Awards - in 2010, when the project IT-based Educational System (SEI) won the golden medal.

Also, this is not the first medal received by the project "Optimized educational process in the view of the knowledge society competences" - this fall, in Dubrovnik, it received the gold medal within the International Project Management Association (IPMA) competition.

Technology of multi-touch type motivated pupils to learn efficiently

The project embedding the multi-touch type of technology is based completely on Romanian expertise, know-how and technology.

Replacing the classical display, the multi-touch systems can be successfully used in any field of activity, but mostly in education, like this project. The aim of is to improve collaboration between pupils and teachers, to involve pupils in group activities, to motivate them to experiment, shifting the process from memory based learning to discovery and knowledge development-based learning. Lessons carried out with these interactive tools and contents prove to be really successful, as they blend in all the elements leading to an efficient learning.

“With this new recognition, we proved that a team of Romanians makes projects considered among the best in the world. This award is equally the creation of our project partners: UMPFE, UNAP, trainers, curriculum creators, guides, impact studies and other materials, script writers, teachers, researchers and IT specialists in Romania", said Radu Jugureanu, eContent Manager within SIVECO Romania.

It is the second medal this project is winning in the international competition, during last month only. At the beginning of October, it received the Gold Medal within the International Project Management Association (IPMA) competition, in the large–sized projects category. "Your projects are changing mentalities", said a member of the jury in the national championship of projects – be they of any kind (not just IT or education projects).

About E-Learning Awards

This year, in the competition held in London have been accepted over 200 eLearning products from the public and private sector, and from the NGOs sector worldwide. The best 40 projects were rewarded in the categories Best e-learning project – private/non for profit sector, Excellence in the production of learning content – for public/not-for-profit/private sector, Best use of mobile learning, Best use of social media for learning, Best use of e-learning to ensure compliance with external regulations or internal policies, Best learning game, simulation or virtual environment, Best online distance learning programme, E-learning team/designer of the year, e.learning age outstanding contribution award and e.learning age outstanding learning organization award, respectively.

The interest for the eLearning awards initiated by Bizmedia Ltd (http://elearningage.co.uk/awards.aspx) has constantly grown over the past 8 years, growing in magnitude and geting a reference level for eLearning at global level.

This is not the first medal the Romanian IT specialists receive at the exclusive international E-Learning Awards competition, which rewards since 2005 excellence in using technology in education. The company SIVECO Romania won in 2010, the Gold Medal for the IT-based Educational System (SEI), prestigious award received in the most disputed category, namely "Best e-learning project securing widespread adoption".