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SIVECO Romania opens the new year with Ruban d’Honneur

Thursday, January 16, 2014
At the European Business Awards, the company received the Ruban d’Honneur trophy and the title of National Champion

Starting the year with good news! SIVECO, leader of Romanian software houses, receives for the fourth time in a row the title of Ruban d’Honneur, granted by the jury of the prestigious European Business Awards competition. This organization is recognizing excellence, best practices, innovation and ethics within the business community, granting awards to the personalities and organizations which have achieved exceptional results.

At the same competition, SIVECO Romania received, for the fifth year in a row, the title of National Public Champion. This is granted, for each country, based on the public online vote. In the similar manner will be designated also the European Champion, respectively the company to receive the highest number of votes within the online campaign run in the period 14 January - 25 March 2014.

European Business Awards

The best in Europe

Based on the evaluation of the competition’s jury - business leaders, famous academicians and successful entrepreneurs - SIVECO Romania is in the top of the most high performing and innovative 100 European companies, the company’s performances being rewarded with the title Ruban d’Honneur, in the category The Infosys Business of the Year Award.

SIVECO has also received this title in 2009 for the social responsibility activity, in 2011 for success in business, innovation and ethics, and in 2012, for the performance registered in export of software products and services.

Adrian Tripp, CEO of European Business Awards, declares: "I congratulate you for entering once again in the elite of the 100 owners of the trophy Ruban d’Honneur, while you became one of the only 30 National Public Champions. You represent officially one of the most dynamic and interesting organizations in Europe, actively confirming the basic principles of European Business Awards: success, innovation and ethics. It is a privilege and an outstanding honor for a company to receive this status."

Public Champion

The title of Public National Champion is an important award in the European business environment, as the audience’s vote is providing companies a way of highlighting their achievements in front of an extremely large audience, over the entire continent.

The online public vote for European Champion was introduced by organizer in 2013 in order to bring more popularity and interactivity to the contest.

The SIVECO presentation film can be viewed and voted at

The film contains short overview of the most important stage in the company’s life, during 2013, a “glorious” year for the SIVECO team due to more than 20 national and international awards.

"We thank those who have already voted for us, in the national phase, nominating us number 1 in the Top of European Business Awards. We are extremely happy we have qualified in the second phase and it is with great pride that we are competing next to the most important European companies. Thus, we are making known the exceptional value of the Romanian specialists, able to compete at the highest level in top international. We encourage all those knowing our team’s activity to express themselves also in this new phase of the  competition,  giving us their vote for the title of European Public Champion", has stated Doina Binig, Vice-president Strategy and Chief Operating Officer at SIVECO Romania.

This year, the European Business Awards Gala where the competition’s trophies are awarded to finalists takes place in Athens, in May 2014.

2013 – "The year of glory” for SIVECO

2013 was the year when SIVECO team received a record number of awards in major national and international competitions. Among the most important successes, we mention the following:

  • In Sri Lanka,  the project "Special schools Portal – CES (Interactive multimedia educational content for children with special educational needs)", was rewarded with highest ever granted to an IT project at worldwide level at World Summit Award Winner 2013. It was an exceptional performance, SIVECO was the only company from Romania who earned this medal twice.
  • In Dubrovnik, Croatia, SIVECO representative climbed twice on stage at International Project Management Association (IPMA) Gala, to get the gold medal (for project “Educational process optimized from the perspective of knowledge society competences” implemented by the Ministry of Education through Management Unit of Externally Financed Projects, in partnership with SIVECO and the National Defense University "Carol I“) and bronze medal (the project "Development of interactive multimedia educational content for the educational system in Kazakhstan"). Podium belonged exclusively to Romania (and SIVECO). “Your projects change mentalities”, said one of the judges of the competition, saying that is for the first time in the history of prizes awarded by this worldwide organizations when a category finalists are all from education field.
  • In London, at European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2013, SIVECO established a record being triple winner of the competition for: Implementation of the Processing System for Rural Development Applications at the Payment Agency for Rural Development and Fishery and for implementation of a financial reporting system for the National Bank in Republic of Moldova, and for implementation of the SIVECO Applications at ACET Suceava.
  • In Los Angeles, at Best in Biz Awards EMEA 2013 judged by prestigious members of media and business analysts across Europe, SIVECO was awarded with bronze medal at “Enterprise Product of the Year” category for SIVECO Applications 2020.

 In time, SIVECO Romania has received over 180 national and international awards.

About European Business Awards

European Business Awards is recognizing and promoting excellence, individuals and organizations which obtained exceptional results, the best practices, innovation and ethics in the European business community.

European Business Awards aims three distinct goals: Generates examples worth following for the  European business community; it creates notoriety and supports successful personalities and organizations;  Proposes case studies and modalities of acquiring expertise, shared by organizations with outstanding performance.

Since 2013, the official Patron of European Business Awards is the European Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht.